From the Team / 20 February 2023

Smart Scales: Craft the perfect melody for your vocals

In the spirit of upgrading AutoPitch, we’re taking it up a notch with another game-changer for the talented vocalists on BandLab. Say hello to Smart Scales, our new auto key detection feature that makes it easy to play flawless melodies — with or without knowledge on music theory. Think of it as the icing on the cake that makes your vocals shine!

Detect your key and never play a wrong note

Nailed that vocal recording? Now, you can easily add some flavor to your track by crafting a complementary melody line using virtual instruments. With Smart Scales’ key detector feature, whatever you play will be on-key. 

Here’s how it works. Once you’ve created the basis of your track in Studio, open up the virtual instrument library. Browse a variety of instrument tracks, from synths to drums, and pick one you like. Open it, and choose from three different Smart Scales play modes that will guide you to play perfect-sounding melodies!

How to use Smart Scales

First, import a beat and record your vocals in Studio. Then, select a virtual instrument from our diverse library. To start composing your melody, tap on the virtual instrument track.

Tap the Play Mode icon on the bottom right corner of the screen to switch between three modes – Keyboard, Smart Keys, and Smart Grid.

Smart Scales will automatically sync the instrument to your project key, as seen on the top right corner where the detected key will be displayed. Your scale will automatically be set to Major or Minor, depending on your project key. You can change this if you like – simply select the scale you prefer from the dropdown menu. 

Pro tip: The notes in the Major or Minor Pentatonic scales sound good most of the time. If in doubt, try these scales!

Once you’ve chosen a Play Mode, you’ll see that suggested notes have been highlighted for you. Now, you can experiment and play different melody lines that will always be on-key. You can’t go wrong here, so tap and play to your heart’s content!

Try Smart Scales now

No music theory knowledge? No problem. Try Smart Scales on mobile and start composing killer melodies for your tracks. This feature is completely free to use, so tip the scales in your favor and start now!

Play Smart

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