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How to use Splitter on BandLab

Splitter tutorial BandLab

We’re always searching for ways to help you get the most out of your music. One thing’s for sure – stunning vocals and instrumentals don’t materialize without tons of practice hours. Whether you’re a passionate bedroom artist or a seasoned Studio pro, we’ve got a new way to amp up the fun for your next practice session. Meet Splitter, a quick and easy way to level up your skills on BandLab! Follow this step-by-step guide and get to practicing in no time.

What is Splitter?

Splitter is a free AI-powered tool created to help musicians like you to practice more efficiently – regardless of skill level. With this new feature, you can split any imported song into four separate tracks (known as audio stems): Vocals, Bass, Drums, and Other Instruments. That way, you can focus on the parts that you want to master for an easy way to practice.

Where to find Splitter?

To get started with Splitter, click the Create tab in BandLab and locate it under Tools on mobile. On web, you’ll find it in the dropdown menu.

Locate Splitter under Tools in BandLab.

How to extract tracks with Splitter

1. Tap the + icon to import local audio and video files from your device. Make sure that the length per media file is 15 minutes or less.

Import audio and video files from your device.

2. Let Splitter do the work for you – it will automatically extract the vocal and instrument tracks from the media file.

Splitter will automatically extract the tracts from your file.

3. Splitter will open a new session in Player with four individual audio stems categorized as such: Vocals, Bass, Drums, and Other Instruments.

Splitter will open a new session in Player with four individual audio stems.

And with that, you’ve got the starting point for a productive practice! You can also access Splitter on your web browser to dial into a practice session, no matter where you are.

Any song you upload will be divided into four audio stems as the building blocks for a perfect practice session. There are so many possibilities: use it to practice a challenging tune, or get inspired by understanding how your favorite artists created their hit songs!

Practice any way you like

There are so many ways you can play with Splitter to create the perfect practice session. Here’s how you can customize the settings to suit your creative goals:

Adjust the volume levels

You can adjust the volume levels individually using the mixer. For example, you’ll be able to hear the drum parts more clearly by lowering the volume of the other three tracks.

Hear only what you want

To practice with a specific track, isolate the tracks you want to listen to by tapping the Mute (M) and Solo (S) buttons. Then, adjust the volume level individually using the mixer. For example, you can isolate the vocal track from your song and sing along to match your notes perfectly.

Adjust the key and speed

Practicing a song, but its key doesn’t suit your vocal range? Use Splitter’s key finder to  adjust the pitch and key, so you can bring your own flavor to the vocal line. 

Don’t get intimidated by that complex guitar riff! Splitter’s tempo finder can alter the speed of your track, so lower the speed of your track for a more controlled way to learn. Perfect it bar by bar, then shoot for the complete verse. 

Listen, play, repeat

Practice makes perfect – just tap the loop button so you can rehearse your selected track on repeat. If you’re trying to nail a specific part of the song, adjust the loop region by dragging the region marker. That way, you can just loop a section of the song. Simply tap the loop button again to turn it off.

Before you jump in, take a look at some frequently asked questions about Splitter to make the most of the feature:

Quick FAQ on Splitter

1. How many tracks can I upload to Splitter?
You can upload an unlimited amount of tracks to Splitter, completely free on mobile and web. We support all audio file types, including mp3, wav, m4a, etc; and video files as well. Just be sure each file is under 15 minutes long.

2. I’m not done practicing my song yet. What will happen to the previous projects that I’ve applied Splitter to?
Don’t worry – Splitter saves up to three previous sessions under the ‘Recently Imported’ list, so you can easily revisit the projects you’ve yet to complete from the import screen!

On top of that, Splitter preserves the settings of any previously imported song, so you can pick up exactly where you left off.

3. How can I download the stems that I’ve applied Splitter to?
You can easily share the separated stems or save them to your phone by tapping the export button. From there, you can also export them to Studio to add effects or record over them.

Transform your practice

And there you have it. Inspired by all the ways you can practice with Splitter on BandLab? Jump in now and take your skills to the next level! 

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