BandLab’s free practice tool just got a major upgrade! If you’ve been using Splitter to separate your song into vocals, bass, drums, and other stems for efficient practice, you’re in for a treat. Our handy stem separation tool has been upgraded with seven new features to take your practice sessions to the next level. 

Look forward to an expanded track split, faster separation speed, seamless track switching, a higher song import limit, easy song management, quick access to your recent tunes, and an enhanced exporting experience! Read on as we dive into each of these new features. 

3 Membership-exclusive features on Splitter

Let’s kick off with three features that’ll keep you focused and efficient through Splitter’s new update.

1. Guitar separation

Split your audio into five tracks instead of four – an upgrade from the previous vocals, drums, bass, and other stems. With the added bonus of guitar separation, you can zero in on a guitar track with ease. Perfect for nailing those killer guitar solos!

Splitter updated features | guitar stem separation

2. Boosted stem separation speed

As Splitter functions on a queue system, users may encounter extended wait times during instances of higher user traffic. With this new update, Members now enjoy the benefit of being placed in a higher priority queue, guaranteeing the quickest track separation, even during peak demand!

Splitter updated features | faster stem separation speeds

3. Seamless track switching

Only want to split four stems instead of five? No problem. Toggle between both options by tapping the three dots and selecting “Add guitar track” or “Remove guitar track”.

Splitter updated features | seamless track switching

4 free features for all BandLab creators on Splitter

No Membership? No problem! Brace yourself for four new Splitter features joining the lineup of free features launched last year. Psst: If you didn’t catch our latest announcement and need a hand navigating Splitter, peep this guide on how to use it.

4. Increased song import limit

Gearing up for a gig and want the entire setlist at your fingertips? No sweat. Now, you can navigate a recently imported list of up to 10 songs (instead of three), making practice on-the-go a breeze.

splitter updated features | increased song import limit

5. Effortless song management

Done with your earlier tracks? You’ll no longer have to delete each song separately. Just tap the “View More” button on the top right of your screen and hit “Clear”. Or, click on the history icon within the player and clear your list.

splitter updated features | effortless song management

6. Easy access to recent songs

Skip the trip back to the import screen for your latest uploads. Just tap the history icon on the top right of your screen to conveniently view your ten most recent imported songs.

splitter updated features | easy access to recent songs

7. Enhanced stems export

Tired of export anxiety? With Splitter’s new update, you can keep track of your export progress in real-time. Plus, you’ll be reminded that only unmuted tracks will be exported – minimizing confusion about missing tracks in the final export. Forgot something? No sweat. You can cancel your stem export at any time to make those last-minute tweaks and changes.

splitter updated features | enhanced stems export

Excited to explore these fresh updates? Check out Splitter’s new features today, and take your next practice session to a whole new level.