Great music takes practice and time. Save time when you rehearse with Splitter, your ultimate practice tool. Whether you’re a beginner learning an instrument for the first time or a pro looking for new ways to hone your skills – Splitter is here to help you master your craft and practice it to perfection! 

Learn ANY song with Splitter

Splitter can get your more proficient at your craft.

Trying to learn a song or practice an instrument? Now you can easily hone in on the parts you want to master. Simply access this feature on your phone or web browser, run your track through BandLab’s free AI-powered Splitter, and split any imported song into four separate stems: vocals, bass, drums, and other instruments. Got Membership? Split your song into five stems with an added guitar split, and enjoy faster separation speeds. Whether you’re a vocalist, producer, or instrumentalist, this separation tool can help you get more proficient at your craft. Just zone in on the parts you need to learn quickly –  no time wasted. 

Isolate a part to practice efficiently

Isolate a part to practice more efficiently on Splitter.

For example, to hear the percussive elements more clearly, use Splitter’s drum extractor to filter out all percussion instruments as a single track. From there, the possibilities are endless. Master the drum fill as is, or spark new inspiration to adapt and create something new! This works for any instrument – work out the chords to that killer verse, or remove the vocals and sing along to the artists you love. 

Crush your next practice

Use Splitter's key finder to adjust the pitch and key.

Trying to rehearse a tune, but the vocal key is a little out of range? Apart from removing vocals or instruments from a song, you can use Splitter’s key finder to adjust the pitch and key. Learn your favorite track, and infuse your unique vocal style into it!

To focus on a specific portion of the song – loop the part to keep going at it, or practice at a slower pace by changing the speed. Rinse and repeat until you’ve nailed that riff – those blazing guitar solos have got nothing on you.

There are so many ways to practice with Splitter – peek this handy tutorial for more inspiration. The best part? This feature is 100% free to use on an unlimited number of tracks – so get to perfecting that solo or vocal part!

Enhance your next practice session with Splitter

We’ve made it easy for you to access this feature on web and mobile, so you can practice anywhere you are. Try Splitter now and tune into your most productive practice yet!