The master of battle rap has chosen his three winners. Corey Charron of MTV’s Wild N Out fame has had his say.

#TracklantaBars is our special round for Tracklanta 2020: Virtual Remix features Corey Charron. Contestants were invited to rap over a beat with Charron’s verses on it, and he has picked the best bars of the bunch.

Here are your three winners for #TracklantaBars.

Winner: LoTron the Baker

Winner: G5 no parachute

Winner: ILENE

Huge congratulations to our three winners for #TracklantaBars! We loved the humor, the flows, and how no one held back and went in HARD with their bars. Yours bars are going to only get better from here because you’ll be learning the art of freestyle from one of the best in the game!

We’ve also found our winners for the other Tracklanta 2020 rounds! Find out who the winners are for #TracklantaOG here and #TracklantaFlow here.

We also want to thank every single one of you who took the time and effort to submit your entries to Tracklanta 2020: Virtual Remix! It’s been a tremendous effort trying to find our final winners, thanks to the incredible quality of entries from all of you.

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