Mobile Multi-Select, Scheduled Album Release, Tuner 2.0, Region Action Improvements, Fx Updates, Play Next

We’re constantly rolling out new features and updates to enhance your creator journey, and we’ve got some great ones for you this month!

Before we get started, make sure you’re on the latest version of BandLab. You can check which version you’re on via the App Store or Play Store. Find out how you can make the most of our newest updates below!

Mobile Multi-Select

Your mobile workflows are about to get even more seamless with this Studio update that allows you to:

Select multiple regions at a go

In Arrangement view, tap and hold until the circular cursor appears, then drag over the regions of your choice. 

Edit regions as a whole 

When you lift your finger, the region action menu appears, allowing you to edit regions like so:

  • Denoise all – Multi-select and merge regions, then denoise all at once. No time wasted!
  • Move whole sections – Say you recorded a melody and then realize you want to add an intro before it. You can now select whole regions and move them in one motion.
  • Copy whole sections – Have a perfect section already? Copy the readied sections and paste it anywhere in your project. 
  • Merge Regions – Edit different sections of your song, then multi-select + merge to make it one region. Less regions means easier editing and easier understanding of the sections of your song.

Schedule your Album Release

We launched Albums to give you full control over how you publish your music to the world – which is why we’ve listened to your requests and added on a feature that allows you to schedule your album release date as well.

While on the New Album screen, simply set a future date and your album will become public on the specified date at 12:00 AM UTC. You can also cancel the scheduled release if you wish. Do note that it’s not possible to set the release time.

Improvements to Tuner

BandLab Tuner helps you stay in tune no matter your genre or style, and now you can get in tune even quicker with Tuner 2.0!  We’ve added 20+ new tuning profiles for you to tune your preferred instruments. Here’s how it works:

  1. Launch Tuner
  2. Select a tuning profile from the new selection menu by tapping on the current profile name (e.g. Chromatic) at the bottom of the screen
  3. Tap on a note name to hear that note played back
  4. Get in tune

With these new tuning profiles, beginners can save time on looking up the correct tuning for each string, and experienced musicians can discover new tunings beyond their usual selections. 

The new drop-down menu for Tuner 2.0 allows you to browse through tuning profiles much more quickly. We’ve also made visual improvements with an improved contrast and updates to the design so that it’s easier to use at a distance. 

On top of that, Tuner 2.0 will automatically apply your last used tuning profile on startup so you don’t have to reapply it each time.

Region Action Improvements – Gain, Transpose, Stretch, Fade

We’re constantly working to improve the experience of working with regions – after all, they are the foundations of creating a track in Studio. Explore endless possibilities with these updates, especially when working with multiple tracks of your project at once:

  • Gain – Change the gain of a region so that it is as loud, or as quiet, as the other regions in your project.
  • Transpose – Transpose an individual region so that it’s in tune with the rest of your project.
  • Stretch –  Drag regions to stretch them so they fit with other regions in your project.
  • Fade – Fade regions in and out so you can isolate the portion that you want to hear. 

On mobile – Tap on the action and use the bottom panel to manage the intensity of the effect. For Stretch, just drag the region with Stretch Mode enabled.

On the web – With Stretch Mode enabled, drag the end of an audio region to stretch it without changing the pitch.

For Fade, click and drag on the fade handles on audio regions to fade a region in and/or out.

New Fx: Exciter, Vintage Limiter, EZ EQ, Filter Echo +

We’ve added four new Fx that open up new possibilities as you work on your mix. They are: 

  1. Exciter

The latest Exciter effect presents you with more saturation options on top of adding subtle harmonic distortion. It produces more overtones and can be used to help add richness and crispness to your sound. This is a popular effect for vocal tracks as it helps vocal recordings stand out by cutting through the mix. 

  1. Vintage Limiter

Vintage Limiter is a new addition to our range of dynamic effects that allows you to create a louder and fuller sound. Capture the nostalgic sound of classic recordings by controlling the harsh peaks of a track whilst replicating the characteristics of analog gear. 

  1. EZ EQ

EZ EQ is an accessible way to equalize your mix, achieve clarity, and make it sound more professional. Apply High Pass and Low Pass to quickly remove unwanted frequencies at the extreme ends of the spectrum, and cut out unwanted mid-range frequencies with Gain, Frequency, and Sweep. 

  1. Filter Echo +

Filter Echo is an effect that plays back delayed duplicates to simulate the sound of echoes. The Filter Echo+ now features a time parameter that allows you to synchronize your delay times with your project’s BPM. Tap the Time parameter to switch between note duration and milliseconds. 

Improvements to Fx Library Designs 

Mobile Fx Preset Library

Our curated suite of Fx presets is a good starting point for crafting your sound. With new updates to our interface, you can now browse through presets seamlessly by categories.

Test the sound with a single tap and toggle the slider icon to customize the preset. 

Make it your own – add a description and/or image to the effects preset so you can easily locate it whenever you want. 

Updated Fx Designs on Web

Useful effect parameters:  The main effect parameter that is displayed alters the original sound in the most obvious way. You can start exploring how the effect will alter your sound right away.

New Visualizations: We’re excited to introduce new visualizations to our updated effects. These graphic representations will make complicated effects and their parameters easy to understand and serve as a fun way to experiment with our Fx. 

Listen uninterrupted with Play Next

With Play Next, you’ll be able to add the tracks that pique your interest to a playback queue and customize your listening experience.

Once you open the playback queue, you can tap and hold on any track to share it, view track details and add it to your playlist.

We hope these updates will help you navigate confidently on BandLab. Keep up to date with more new features on BandLab by checking out our blog. Meanwhile, go on and try your hand at some of the new features now!