With everything going on in the world now, there’s always music. Whether you’re a listener, creator, or just experimenting with features from our BandLab 10.0 update, we’re grateful to share these moments with you. So here it is, all bundled up: your 2021 BandLab Year in Review

Then to now

BandLab Year in Review

Just like how we’ve gone through an image overhaul since our first BandLab Year in Review in 2019, you’ve been on your own unique journey too. Find out how much you’ve progressed since you joined BandLab, and celebrate your growth, big or small.

Top of the charts

Year in Review Top Fan

Who’s your top fan? How about your top collaborator? Find out your 2021 chart-toppers and share them with your friends. Some hugs (virtual or not) are in order.

Shout it from the rooftops

Year in rEVIEW Share

Well, the virtual version of that. Share your results across your social channels – the world oughta know! Don’t forget to hashtag #MyBandLabYear too.

You made our year

We’re beaming with pride as we look at how much we’ve grown together. 40 million users in our community and counting – what a tremendous feat! Thank you for keeping us going, and let’s keep hitting new milestones together!

Check out your 2021 Year in Review here.