Whether you’re tackling a complex guitar solo or creating a viral TikTok meme, AudioStretch is your solution. It’s the world’s first transcription tool for your mobile phone, allowing you to modify audio and video speeds without pitch distortion. The best part? No additional app is required – just access AudioStretch within the Tools section under the Create tab in the BandLab app.

AudioStretch – Change speed without affecting pitch

AudioStretch grants you the ability to modify the speed of a file by up to 10 times and adjust pitch by 36 semitones. Whether you’re transcribing music, learning songs by ear, indulging in sonic exploration, or simply enjoying your music library from a fresh perspective, this handy tool has you covered.

Have full control over every adjustment

Uploading a song on AudioStretch.

After uploading your file, a waveform will appear on your screen. Simply tap the play button and use the controls located at the bottom of your screen to adjust the speed or pitch as desired.

LiveScrub: Listen note by note

Or, you can interact with the waveform by tapping on it and dragging it along. The audio will play at the same speed as your finger’s movement. Holding your finger on the waveform will freeze the playback at zero speed, making it convenient to work out tricky chords and solos.

Loop the part you want to hear

Intuitive features like the loop function make your transcriptions even easier. With the Mark button, you can effortlessly add or remove markers. Set the loop’s start by tapping on “A” and the end by tapping on “B.” Then, a simple tap on the Loop button creates a repeatable loop for your convenience.

Figure out the exact note

There’s even a spectrum keyboard that not only helps you identify the notes being played, but also shows you the frequencies of the harmonics and overtones of the current note’s pitch. This is especially useful when transcribing music. 

Use AudioStretch for videos too

Learning becomes more accessible when you can observe the process in action. Have you ever come across a video of your favorite artist playing their instrument and wished to watch it in slow motion? Or perhaps you simply want to enjoy some lighthearted video editing?

All you have to do is upload a video from your library. Additionally, you can directly import video and audio files from popular cloud storage platforms like Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, and more. Once your video is imported, you can perform the same speed and pitch adjustments and even use the LiveScrub feature.

Plus, AudioStretch isn’t just about practice – you can also use it to create cool, engaging content for your followers. Just check out the #AudioStretch hashtag on TikTok for inspiration. This feature is available on both iOS and Android.

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Get creative in Studio

In Studio, the ability to adjust both the speed and pitch of audio and MIDI stems is a priceless asset. AudioStretch has eliminated any concerns about the key or BPM of the sample you wish to use. Whether your song is in the key of G at 115 BPM or you have an 80 BPM sample on hand, don’t hesitate to incorporate it into your track – AudioStretch will adapt it.

Using AudioStretch on BandLab Web.

Or take it a step further! Can’t hit the high notes when a song is played in a certain key? AudioStretch. Need to speed up a beat? AudioStretch. Want to get epic, low-pitched demon voices? AudioStretch.

There’s just so much you can do when you harness AudioStretch’s time-warping and pitching shifting technology in Studio. We can’t wait to see what you come up with – try it on mobile now!