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What is AudioStretch and how do I use it?

AudioStretch - audio and video transcription tool powered by BandLab

Ever tried to learn a guitar solo from your favorite lightning-quick shredder guitarist? For those who grew up in the internet era, we would just head over to YouTube and play that part – over and over again. Start. Stop. Start. Stop. It’s almost a rite of passage!

Why did we do that? Because it was just too damn fast!

If you could go back in time and just SLOWED down that guitar solo, wouldn’t that have made it so much easier for your novice fingers to keep up? But if you took an audio clip and slowed it down, its pitch would drop too. That’s not helpful when trying to learn.

Change the speed, not pitch

Enter the award-winning AudioStretch. The world’s first transcription tool on your mobile phone that lets you change the speed of audio files and videos without changing the pitch. You can speed or slow down a file by 10 times, and shift a pitch up and down by 36 semitones (on the full version). This makes AudioStretch perfect for transcription, learning songs by ear, crazy sonic experimentation, or just listening to your music library in a new way. 

You have full control

Once you’ve uploaded your file, you’ll see a waveform in front of you. You can tap play, and change the speed or pitch with the controls at the bottom of your screen.

LiveScrub: listen note by note


LiveScrub - control speed of playback with your finger

Or, you can tap on the waveform and drag it along. The audio will play at the speed your finger moves. If you hold your finger on the waveform, it’ll freeze the note at zero speed so you can easily work out tricky chords and solos.

Loop the part you want to hear

Intuitive features like the loop function make your transcriptions even easier. You can use the Mark button to add or remove a marker, tap on “A” to set the start of the loop, and “B” to set the end of the loop. Then just tap the Loop button and you’ve got yourself a loop you can repeat over and over.

Figure out the exact note

There’s even a spectrum keyboard that lets you pinpoint the exact notes that are being played. This lets you 

Works for video too

It’s always easier to learn when you can see how someone does it. Found a video of your favorite artist playing their instrument and you want to learn what they’re playing? Or do you just want to have fun and do entertain yourself with silly, hilarious video manipulation

All you need to do is upload a video from your library, or even use your phone’s camera to capture video directly. You can also import video and audio files directly from cloud storage like Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive and more. Once you’ve got your video imported, you can do the same speed and pitch manipulation and LiveScrub too. This feature is available only on the iOS app for now.

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Powered by BandLab

Thanks to AudioStretch’s incredible technology, we were able to integrate its useful features into our Mix Editor. 

Having the ability to change the speed and/or pitch of both audio and MIDI stems is an invaluable part of the Mix Editor. Because of AudioStretch, the key or BPM of the sample you want to use doesn’t matter anymore. If your song is in the key of G and 115BPM, go ahead and drag that 80BPM sample into your track – AudioStretch will take care of that.

AudioStretch technology on BandLab web Mix Editor

Or you can go even crazier. Can’t hit the high notes when a song is played in a certain key? AudioStretch. Need to speed up a beat? AudioStretch. Want to get crazy, low-pitched demon voices? AudioStretch.

There’s just so much you can do when you combine AudioStretch’s time-warping and pitching shifting technology into BandLab’s web Mix Editor! We can’t wait to see what you can do with these incredible features.

Download AudioStretch

AudioStretch is available to download on your iOS and Android device. There is a free, Lite version on the App Store for iOS devices. It’s the same as the full version with some limitations:

  • Max song duration 3 minutes (full version 3 hours)
  • Speed range from -1.5x to 1.5x (full version -10x to +10x)
  • Pitch shift +/- 3 semitones (full version +/- 36 semitones)

For a limited time only, download the full version of AudioStretch for just $1.99 (was $9.99). Don’t miss out on saving on this incredibly useful musical tool!

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