If you find yourself listening to Elandic’s music, you’ll discover a collection of emotive stories. A girl and her guitar. Her music has a raw, lo-fi feel to it, but it’s easy to listen to. And while you’ll find her singing in both English and Russian, you quickly learn it doesn’t matter which language she sings in – her songs are a heartfelt interpretation of the beauty she sees in every moment.

What makes you an artist?

I can’t imagine my life without music, art and poetry – or without playing the guitar every day. It’s very important to me. It helps me to pull myself together after a hard day. It is said that an artist sees the beauty in everything, and that is true. I hear a melody in everything, from the wash of waves to the whisper of the leaves. I always find something beautiful in everything I see, hear or sense.

Which bands or styles of music have had the biggest influence on you?

The music of the Beatles, the Clash, Coldplay, Gorillaz and the Russian band Lumen have all had a great influence on me since I was a child. I like and respect the work of these musicians a lot, as they were the people who inspired me to start following music.

How does music creation satisfy you?

When I create music, I feel negative emotions go away. That’s the best thing about it. People have told me that my music has brought them relief. My voice calms them down and their troubles take a back seat.

As Bob Marley once said: “One good thing about music: when it hits you, you feel no pain.”

Has music defined any moments in your life?

Music has given me some cool moments. For instance, when I was 16 I went to a summer camp. Obviously I took the guitar with me. On the last day before we had to leave, everyone got sad, because we had to goodbye to each other.

We were sitting in front of a fire and watching the sunset, so I started to sing and play. All of a sudden, people joined in and we spent the entire night singing. My fingers were in pain from strumming for so long, but I kept going – we didn’t want to stop the magic of the moment.

Where did you find BandLab?

I was on the App store looking for somewhere to create and share my music. And I found what I was looking for!