Meet Gadflyan engineer with a self-professed love for rock, electronica and folk, this guy is as interesting as they come.

In his bio Gadfly declares that he is, well, not-so-secretly, “trying to take over the world with music” — all in good-humour of course! Evidently, world-domination includes lots of feisty and diverse collaborations.

Not that you would want to, but it’s hard to pigeonhole Gadfly’s sonic creations on BandLab. They sit beautifully on a yawing spectrum, from the classically thoughtful ‘Memo#11’ to the kitschy neo-electronica of ‘Roli#1’, right across to the likes of the country-lite tune ‘Ant In The Sky’.

We speak to the affable musician on his journey so far.

What kind of artist are you?

I would describe myself as a hobbyist musician who isnʼt the most technically talented, but who can be very creative despite my limited skills.

I grew up playing music my entire life, starting with the clarinet throughout grade school, but now I focus mainly on the guitar and piano.

Most of the songs that I write arenʼt very difficult to play, but I feel that good music doesnʼt have to have a bunch of notes in them. They just need to have the right notes in the right places.

A big obstacle to making my own music is that I have absolutely no ability to sing, but this is also what makes me more expressive with my music.

Tell us about a music hero of yours.

My favorite artist is the group Explosions In The Sky, and they have greatly influenced my style of music making on BandLab. I admire them for their ability to invoke thought and concentration with their music, which can range from the very quiet and melodic to the loud and overpowering.

They also donʼt have lyrics, which allows the music to do all of the talking, and that is something I can relate to because I canʼt sing.

What makes you sit down and write music?

I make music for a few different reasons. It is very therapeutic and it allows for me to take a step back from whatever is going in my life at the time and just get lost in a melody in my mind.

Music is also a compulsion of mine, especially when I come across a new composition. I can play and listen to the same song for days in a row.

Tell us about a special moment in music for you.

That moment happened on BandLab, with one of the first collaborations that I had ever done with user @mandielei for the song, ‘Ant in the Sky’. The guitar recording for that song was very special to me, because it came from a very tough and emotional point in my life.

I also had a poem that I had written around that time that was also very special to me. With my inability to sing, it was an amazing rush to hear that song come together. That song will be with me for the rest of my life.

The community on BandLab is truly what keeps me coming back. Nothing is more special to me than having a composition that inspired someone to want to contribute to it.

How do you use BandLab?

I use BandLab mainly on my computer, where I upload my finished revisions that are usually made in Logic Pro. Most of my recordings are put together through Logic Pro, because of its ability to apply low pass filters, which will remove a lot of the hiss from a recording.

I also use BandLab to connect with other musicians for collaboration. I love the social aspects of BandLab, and when people like my songs it brightens my day. It motivates me to become a better musician.

The community on BandLab is truly what keeps me coming back. Nothing is more special to me than having a composition that inspired someone to want to contribute to it.

What would your superhero power be?

If I could be a superhero I would definitely want to be Iron Man. This is because I am an engineer and I love the fact that Tony Stark is really just a normal personal who made himself a superhero through his own creations. Maybe one day I will be Iron Man #LOL.

As a side note, I would like to thank BandLab for this awesome app and the opportunities it has presented to me. It has been very interesting watching this app grow over the last year, and I am very excited to see where it will go in the years to come 🙂 I hope to grow with BandLab along the way.