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BandLab User Interview: Kidd Primal

One thing is certain about BandLab — our members are incredibly talented. Throw a dime at the proverbial BandLab party and you’ll most likely hit a budding version of your favourite artist across every genre.

Kidd Primal is one such interesting example.

The producer lists himself as a proud Cali kid and “Pokemon Enthusiast.” Versatile and trendy, Kidd Primal pumps out rave-ready productions that will leave you pining for some whip-happy classic trance and tech-house.

On the infectious ‘Journey’, Primal drops a frenzied shower of synths on an urgent beat, like a Tetris game nearing its final moves. The thumping and bass-heavy ‘Terror’ recalls some of Underworld’s finest live shows, and lays an impressive template for EDM fanatics.  

Kidd Primal tells us straight up what drives him.

You seem like a really passionate guy. Tell us what gets you into music.

I get off on the thought of sitting down, and creating new sounds — things that haven’t been heard before. Taking the music I hear in my head and translating that into something for myself and others is a rewarding challenge.

I enjoy the fact that music equals community. Putting out music inspires others and that inspires me to keep creating, Through music, I’ve met people and connected with them in ways that I hadn’t before.

Tell me about an artist or group that’s inspiring you right now.

TNGHT is a group I’ve been listening to for a few years. I think the music they put out is dope. It approaches electronic music in a fresh and unique way. I love the way they combine unusual elements into their trap-based music. They aren’t afraid to go against current trends. Groups like TNGHT inspire me to find my own sound, and to not be afraid to take chances musically.

My mom has also been my inspiration since I started producing 5 years ago. My mom and I have a lot in common  — in fact if she were my age right now you would think that she was the female version of me! She used to make beats when she was younger although I never got to listen to any of them. It’s really cool just knowing that’s what she used to do. She also introduced me to most of the music I love and create today. My mom has and continues to support my music career.

How does music creation satisfy you?

Music is one thing that doesn’t feel like a chore. Don’t get me wrong, I put a lot of time into the creative process, but it never feels like work. I enjoy the challenge of sitting in front of a blank canvas and creating something out of nothing. It’s a way to connect with people in my community, and express things that I can’t always put into words.

I enjoy the fact that music equals community. Putting out music inspires others and that inspires me to keep creating, Through music, I’ve met people and connected with them in ways that I hadn’t before.

What was your most memorable highlight on BandLab?

I have to say it was seeing my track “Future” reach 1,000 plays on the platform. It was the first time one of my tracks reached that level of attention, and it felt good to know that people were feeling it. As an artist, you never really know what people are going to get into.

I try and make music that I am into, and hope that others will enjoy it too. It feels good when others connect to what I am creating and it’s even inspired me to make a remix of the track, called, “Future VIP.” I’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback on it as well.

How did you discover BandLab, and how do you use it?

Currently, I’m using BandLab to showcase new music and work to other artists and fans. I randomly stumbled onto it while messing around on the app store with my iPhone one day. I respect how the BandLab team is focused on getting new music out into the community, rather than solely making money off artists.

I’ve used it to connect with artists like Klassiq and MELXDIC, who I might not have discovered otherwise. Making music as a solo artist can be a lonely activity. It feels good to have a platform to help build a community.

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