Inspiration / 5 September 2018

Five hot grooves to remix and jam over: September edition 2018

The featured Hot Beats playlist took off like a bullet train on overdrive since we dropped it a few months ago. Since then, many of you got in touch asking for similar backing tracks for other genres. Jazz, rock, metal, funk and blues fans, you’re in luck – we’ve added brand new playlists on the Let’s Make Music page. These collections are updated daily on your Android or iOS device and are the perfect place to begin when you’re searching for inspiration to make music.

Just like Hot Beats, these tracks are handpicked by our team and are chosen to inspire. Tap on any track to listen, and if it’s up your alley, hit fork to make that track yours.

Today, we’re showing off some of our favourite Hot Grooves – funk jams galore, jazzy, smooth beats for you to remix and jam to your heart’s content.

Tip: Make sure you select Funk and/or Jazz as your favourite genres on your profile page to get access to Hot Grooves.

Funkeamela – Manuel Tobares

Does anything scream funk more than a spanking clean guitar riff like this? Coupled with in-your-face lead synths reminiscent of epic 80s pop, Funkeamela would be at home on any dance floor. If this doesn’t get your head bopping, nothing will.

Takin’ the Bus – Eric Wiegmann

When you listen to a track that’s only got drums, you know it’s either incomplete, or it’s going to be really, really good. The influence of world and ethnic beats are obvious on this track, with a solid jazz groove forming the foundation. You’ve got the perfect starting point for one hell of a song – this one’s screaming out for a bassline.

My Life’s Story – Simeon Amburgey

Forked from a revision Jason-2241 composed with five others, Simeon Amburgey added his own piano and bass parts. The result is a beautiful, tranquil piece you’d expect to listen to in a lounge with a classy cocktail – the expertly played piano perfect in harmony with the atmospheric pads and beats behind.

Downtown Groove – The Sounds Of James

Whatever you call it – a mixture of afrobeat, disco, funk – we don’t care. This just makes us want to put on our dancing shoes and go full John Travolta. Oh, and if that synth part sounds familiar, it’s a synth sample in the Pop Funk loop pack. Go Looper!

Strange Points – Dmitar Jovanović

You can be forgiven if you think Strange Points belongs on the soundtrack for a Quentin Tarantino film. It’s hypnotic and dark, littered with heavily delayed guitar parts, an ever-present Hammond organ setting the tone, and a bassline that drives the song forward.

Pick up your mic or instrument and get forking – or get on your feet to groove out to these tunes. If you want your music to be featured, get in touch here and keep inspiring!

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