As a rapper whose signature move is solving a Rubik’s Cube while freestyling, Logic is definitely a little different from his hip hop counterparts. But it’s not all that surprising – the ‘logic’ it takes to solve a Rubik’s Cube shares many things in common with his rapping style. His flow is technical and swift, his cadence is methodical, like every shuffle of the Rubik’s Cube.

Logic also takes a different approach to his beat. He values musicality highly, sometimes even taking to the stage with a four piece band, producing sounds reminiscent of soul, reggae and even rock.

In this video tutorial, we take inspiration from the now-retired rapper, Logic to recreate a beat in his style. We’ll show you how to do it from scratch, on BandLab’s free online DAW, the Mix Editor.

You can take the track we made in the tutorial video to create your own beat. Fork our Logic style beat below.

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