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What do each of the input options mean?

  • Voice/Mic – Record via microphone or a connected audio interface
  • Guitar – Plug in a guitar or bass to use BandLab as an amp – this will require some sort of portable audio interface similar to the iRig
  • Import Audio – Upload your mp3 or wav file

6You can also choose Voice/Mic to record using the built in mic on your phone. To import audio from your iTunes, tap on Import Audio and choose Music Library


Hit the Red Record Button at the bottom of the screen to start recording. Tap it again to stop recording.


How do I turn on Input Monitoring?

To turn on Input Monitoring, tap on the Gear Icon on the top of the screen to access the settings. Under Additional Settings, turn on Monitoring. Speak or sing or snap to test the input.


How do I see/write lyrics whilst recording?

To see/write lyrics and record at the same time, tap on the Pen Icon on the top menu bar.


How do I view multiple tracks?

To look at multiple tracks, tap on the Waveform Icon on the menu bar and tap on the Downwards Chevron Icon.


How do I access the mixer?

To access the mixer, tap on the Slider Icon at the bottom left of the screen on the page with all the tracks shown.


How do I save my recording?

To save, tap the Cloud Icon at the top right of the screen. You can choose if you want to Save Private or Publish.


Here you can name your project, add a description, choose if you want to allow Forks or not and if you want to move the song to a band.