One year on from Tracklanta, BdcÇÂMBØ is making more music than ever. Prolific, passionate and in his own proud words, authentic, BdcÇÂMBØ has taken strides since his time at Tracklanta, recording with producer Young Chop and studio engineer Renegade El Rey at Stankonia studios.

We catch up with BdcÇÂMBØ to find out how things have been going. We talk about his inspirations, what he wants to be known for as an artist, and of course, Tracklanta.

It’s been one year on from Tracklanta, fill us in on what you’ve been up to in the music world?

I’ve dropped two EPs and a single this year on all platforms and they’re doing fairly well. I’m currently working on my 3rd project right now which are “Bo Pablo the Ep” and “Typhoon Foolie” respectively, and my most recent single “Cook Up”.

A long overdue question – what were some of your fondest memories of Tracklanta 2019?

My fondest memories would probably be the whole darn thing! But if I had to pinpoint it would probably be in the end of the studio session when we surveyed all the work we had got done in 12 hours for about 4-5 songs. And man they were fire! Meeting Amon and the BandLab team and Young Chop, and the interaction with Renegade El Rey the studio engineer were so memorable.

What’s the biggest thing that has changed for you since Tracklanta?

Well I violated house arrest to go for Tracklanta. But it ended up being a blessing in disguise and I am now a free man. Who would’ve thought taking that once in a lifetime chance would have got me off probation early. But I was incarcerated for a little bit but in the end it was worth it and would do it again!

After spending quality time with the producers in world class studios, what are some takeaways that have impacted the way you approach your music making?

Quality quality quality! Also, what I once thought was just a dream is now a goal and very much attainable. I’m still striving to this day to get signed and be the superstar I know I am. BandLab and Tracklanta has helped me to see and believe in myself with no more doubts.

To me that means never sell yourself short. Your destiny is yours to go get. And I won’t stop until my heart pop!

Out of all the things you learned, what was the most valuable piece of advice you got from your mentor?

Man, it was so many things. But Renegade El Rey basically told how he sent his resume in fresh out of college and Stankonia called him back immediately. To me that means never sell yourself short. Your destiny is yours to go get. And I won’t stop until my heart pop!

Do you still keep in touch with the producers, fellow winners, or anyone you worked or met at the A3C Conference?

Of course, I’ve talked to Young Chop a few times and on Instagram, 228 DAGR8 , whom I also have developed a right friendship and speak to from time to time. I’m working on my next EP which I plan on sending to Renegade El Rey at Stankonia. Hopefully it goes somewhere.

BdcÇÂMBØ and Young Chop
BdcÇÂMBØ and Young Chop at Stankonia.

Tell us more about your inspiration. 

What inspires me the most are my eight kids (Camyra, Layla ,Camryn, Isaiah, Kimani, Elijah, Camari , and Nikolai). Yeah I know I got a bundle. But the fact my Mother was an orphan and even though she has passed I have an unfaltering desire to not only attain, but cement my name and music in the industry, and as long as my heart pump I’m gonna keep it coming!! I love you Lavonne! R.I.H.

My music tells a unique story and I use it to inspire others who might feel that their situation is hopeless as I did.

What do you want people to know about you as an artist? 

That I’m authentic. I pride myself on sticking to my morals and my story of struggle and how I overcame that – how I beat the odds of growing up in Carol city, Miami, FL, no Father, son of an orphaned but strong black woman out of Compton.

My music tells a unique story and I use it to inspire others who might feel that their situation is hopeless as I did. If I can overcome two prison bids, beat federal charges, have no support system, addiction, homelessness and so much more – I know anyone can. And through my music I try to inspire the ones who feel like the deck is stacked against them. The throw always. I’m their champion. It’s all in my music. I keep it real. I keep it Me. Authentic.

What’s next? Any new albums or collaborations?

Oh man, I think I’ve overloaded myself but I’m actually working on three EPSs right now. My next solo is EP “Full Cup”, which I plan to have out by My birthday on 16 August.

I’m also working on a collab EP with another top BandLab artist (shout out my dawg Knowledge Tree) and a debut album with my brother who after watching me has become inspired to do music (shout out TomKat). Y’all ain’t seen the nothing yet! I’m just getting cranked Up. Shout out to the whole BdcYme/Trebaw Musiq Ent!! Heatmakers. Y’all know what it is. Quality Lab Musiq best Labber alive signing out.