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Tracklanta one year on: Ricchbish

Tracklanta one year on - Ricchbish

Tracklanta 2020 might be all but over, but for the winners, their experiences will last a lifetime. How do we know? Just ask the winners of last year’s Tracklanta.

Ricchbish was one of the many thousands of hopefuls looking to make the next big step in their music careers. For her and her fellow winners, winning meant a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Atlanta to record with some of the best producers in hip hop.

We catch up with Ricchbish, one year on from recording with Drumma Boy at Patchwerk Studios, to find out how things have changed and what’s going on in her music career today.

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One year on, tell us what you got out of the Tracklanta experience? What stands out to you? 

The Tracklanta experience was mind boggling for me. Never would I think that under a year rapping I’d have loyal fans and be recognized by BandLab. Coming from a small island in the Bahamas just 21 miles long with just over 250,000 people, who would’ve thought I’d win and be chosen to travel to Atlanta to meet some of the BandLab team and other successful people in the industry! 

First of all, I wondered if I really had all this money to invest to travel to Atlanta – it’s not like I was about to sign a deal. Then I thought, what if someone really recognizes my talent and takes me beyond measures people think is possible. I felt like I was where I was supposed to be for that moment and that’s exactly where I was gonna go. 

At the studio I established a “family” of five people, engineers and producers, that I still communicate with today like Drumma Boy, Bless‘Em’Bless, ayoKd, and more. I’ll be doing some work with them on my follow up project. 

Although I’m a relatively new artist, I’ve grown tremendously thanks to the seminars, conferences, shows, and being able to connect with so many people around the world. 

What was the most valuable piece of advice you got from your mentor?

Drumma Boy couldn’t believe that this was only my second time recording in the studio. He walked out, came back in and was shocked that I had already put together a verse and recorded. He listened and was quite pleased. 

Different people have commented on how unique I am and they believe I’ll do great – I just need to market myself more. Hearing comments like that gave me a big boost, and it let me know that I had a lot more in myself than I previously saw. I learned so much about recording, and even learned a little about production from this experience.

What new music have you been working on? 

I’m currently doing the finishing touches to my first mixtape and that’s gonna be dope. It brings a lot of modern styles and shows my diversity. The follow up to that will show more of my intellectual side instead.

When they think of Ricchbish I want them to think of, personality, courage, female rap at its best, talent, diversity, originality, a business woman, love, obtainable success, public figure, and a role model. 

What was your songwriting process for your latest track?

It’s been a mixture with the way I decided to approach this project. All of the beats are personally made for me with the exception of like three of them. 

Normally I start by listening to the beat a few times over and then I start to get a vibe – that’s when the lyrical ideas start rolling in. Sometimes I write these lyrics down first, other times I jump straight into recording just to see the thoughts that come to mind off hand – this works out pretty good too. I also begin with what I want the main idea of the song to be, establish where I want to change flows and a number of lines I want to include. 

Tell us more about your inspiration as an artist

My love for music inspires me to keep going. I also feel like I could put my lil island (The Bahamas) on the map. I’ve always loved writing poetry but I never thought I’d be good at rapping rhymes right, turning that poetry into music. 

Nicki Minaj is also a big inspiration. I guess you can tell why I change flows so much and I’m so confident with my raps. I’m gonna use this talent to make a better life for myself and for my family, and show others who came from where I did that they can too. 

I lost my mother at 14 and I’m the oldest child so I feel a sense of obligation to make this happen. Nothing I want to obtain is impossible. 

What do you want people to know about you as an artist?

When they think of Ricchbish I want them to think of, personality, courage, female rap at its best, talent, diversity, originality, a business woman, love, obtainable success, public figure, and a role model. 

I’m gonna use this talent to make a better life for myself and for my family, and show others who came from where I did that they can too. 

What’s next for you? 

After my first tape I plan to work on my follow up that will include known underground artists, more Drumma Boy, King Beez, ayoKd, Zay, and more. I also spoke to Drumma Boy about a video shoot we intend to do. I’m now on all major platforms and I plan to do a few more video shoots as well. 

I’m also having artwork being professionally made to promote my album. Also now signed with DistroKid and UnitedMasters to have my music distributed. I’m then going to Miami to do some recording work as well. By next year I plan to be verified on all major platforms, so I have a lot of work to do! 

I haven’t fully announced myself as an artist in my own home town yet so I plan to properly do that by going to radio stations and having DJs promote my music to events. Sponsored ads are also something I plan to tap into to get new eyes regularly. I started at the bottom so for me, it’s by all means, make it happen.

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