Dear BandLab Family,

This month, our BandLab community reached 5 million registered users.

That’s right – you are now part of a community of more than 5 million people in over 180 countries making and sharing music, collaborating with each other and fuelling a collective passion for music every day – many of whom have never even met in real life.

It’s been about three years now since we entered early beta (time really flies…). Although we’re a team that constantly looks forward – when we hit milestones like this, we try our best to take a little time to both appreciate those who have helped us reach this achievement and reflect on why we do what we do.

If you’re reading this, then odds are we’re doing it for you.

Every day, members of our team connect with you over chat, email, read and reply to your feedback on Facebook, obsess over reviews left at the App or Play Store and we take it all in. As a community driven company, our job is literally to sit and think about how we can do better for you. We’re the first ones to put our hands up and agree when you think we’re not perfect, and we’re the last ones to give up on a problem when we know we need to solve it for you.

Whether it’s praise or criticism, we take it all positively with the same spirit and mindset of how this all started in the first place: how can we make and provide the best tools for creators to make and share their music and to help them connect with similar like-minded people?

As of today, the BandLab community is making close to 2 million songs every single month and this number continues to grow at an incredible rate. That’s more than one new song every two seconds – mind-blowing when you pause to think about it, and desperately scary for our QA & Backend Development teams . 😊

Our vision at BandLab is a world in which there are no barriers to the making and sharing of music – regardless of where you come from, what music you’re into or how much you earn. We are humbled by the fact that the growth of our user base, music creation and increasing engagement rate shows we’re delivering somewhat on what you (both creators and listeners) want and are looking for.

But even though we feel we’ve come so far (those of you who were on the first early beta will definitely agree), what gets us up every morning is how much more there is to come.

Over the coming weeks, (like you might notice today on the website itself)  you’ll see big changes as we start rolling in features ahead of our official transition to BandLab 8.0 in January. This will be our biggest update yet and we have some massive features to release and celebrate – both creation-based and social.

Creator Kits on iOS

Those of you who are paying attention will have already noticed real-time Looper effects, Mastering on Mobile and Creator Kits (to name just a few) released to your Android and iOS devices in the last month.

For those lucky enough to have early access to some of the latest features, you’ve already got a glimpse into what’s in store and I hope you’re as excited about it as we are.

Looking to 2019, though no-one knows what other new excitements the cosmos of music technology will bring in the year ahead – we’ve got aggressive plans on what we want to deliver and are deeply grateful to have the chance and opportunity to be part of the process with you.

As a team, we know there is so much more to improve with the platform and have never been more driven, passionate and inspired to do so, together with the millions of you around the world. 

To all of you who are part of this rapidly expanding universe of creators and listeners – a big, big thank you from myself and everyone on the team. When you succeed, you bring us joy – when we let you down, it crushes us. This company, product and community only exists because you have made it your own – so thank you again for giving us a chance and being the lifeblood that keeps us going.

We’ll see you very soon in 2019 (maybe even in person at the NAMM show in Anaheim at the end of January) – we really can’t wait to show you what we’ve been working on.

Much love and appreciation,

Meng & The BandLab Team.