2020 was a wild year. And one worth looking back at.

So for those who created. Who hustled and promoted. Who listened. Who liked. Who Forked.

This was your year – so let’s celebrate it.

Head to 2020.bandlab.com to get your personalised review.

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Your personalized 2020 Year in Review 

Year in Review 2020

How much did you BandLab? How many plays you did you get? How many new followers have you gained? Do you know which of your tracks were the most popular?

We have those answers and more with your personalized Year in Review, at 2020.bandlab.com.

You can also find out how many Projects you started, how many creators you inspired, how many Projects you Forked, along with your top Album and top fans.

And if you find you’ve kept a low profile this year, there’s always next year to realize some of your music goals. If you ask us, just making it this far through 2020 is an accomplishment in itself. 

Get your 2020 Year in Review

So, what did your 2020 on BandLab look like?

Share with the world your BandLab Year in Review with just a tap. And remember to use the hashtag #bandlab2020.

Lastly, we want to round up 2020 by saying a big thank you. Much love to this ever-growing, ever-wonderful BandLab community. We truly wouldn’t be where we are today without you. There’ll be even more music in 2021. And we’ll join you on the other side!