Mix Editor Updates, Metronome Redesign, Fx Updates, Session History, TikTok Link in Profile

We’re whizzing into the second half of the year, and we hope you’re enjoying your journey here on BandLab! As always, we’re working on new features and updates to improve your experience here as much as possible. Thank you for sending in valuable feedback and requests – we hear you, and hope to keep the good stuff coming!

Before we launch into detail, do make sure you’re on the latest version of BandLab. You can check which version you’re on via the App Store or Play Store. Now, let’s dive in.

1.Mix Editor Updates and Workflow Improvements

Zoom on mobile

You can now zoom in and out on your mobile phone to get every detail just right. Pinch to zoom up to 8x, and double tap with two fingers to return to the default state.

Cleaner look on web

We’ve updated the look and feel of our web Mix Editor. With less colors, you can focus more on what matters without getting distracted. 

2. Metronome Redesign and Performance Improvements

Redesigned second row

We’ve fully redesigned the second row layout to make it as easy to use as possible! Time signature and subdivisions are now clearly labeled and separated – simply tap to see an accompanying pop-up menu for each. For a simplified experience, you can easily select from four of the most common subdivisions.

We’ve also removed the circles from the second row to reduce any possibility of confusion.

Dynamic increment on long press

You can now long-press the +/- buttons to increase the BPM quickly at accelerating intervals. This allows you to get from 40 to 240 BPM much faster than before.

Manual BPM setting and visual improvements

No more wasting time – you can now type in the exact BPM value that you want. Simply long-press on the tempo wheel and set your desired BPM. 

We’ve also made the tempo wheel more visible, so you can better distinguish between tap tempo and tempo settings. Size of +/- buttons has also been increased, along with a change of color to make them clearer and easier to tap.

Sounds dropdown menu 

You can now find specific sounds faster by tapping the Sounds icon on the top right corner of your screen. This will open up a dropdown menu, showing you a list of sounds for easy selection.

Tooltips as a guide for new features

If you’re using the new Metronome features for the first time, tooltips will appear in blue to help you navigate. Simply tap them once to make them disappear.

3. New Fx and updated Pedal Fx designs on web

We’ve added three new Fx for you to experiment with new sonic possibilities! They are:

  • Bitcrusher

This highly requested effect produces distortion and can be used to replicate 8 bit sounds from old school games. It can also be used to produce extra harmonics that provide a warmer sound.

  • Stereowise

With Stereowise, you can control the stereo image of your individual tracks. Simply adjust “Size” to widen or narrow the stereo field, and toggle between “Low” or “High” to manage frequency dispersion. You can also drop Stereowise onto a track with a mono audio source to quickly hear how it sounds in stereo.

  • Tape Simulator

Use the Tape Simulator effect to saturate your drum beats for a warmer feel, or add color to vocal tracks. Capture the magical sound of vintage tape machines by adding gentle distortion with Drive and adjusting the saturated audio output using Bias. Apply Flutter to add subtle modulation, and adjust Speed to add variation to audio playback. 

We’ve also updated Pedal Fx to help you better differentiate between guitar pedal Fx and the rest of the Fx within your library – do note that this is only available on web for now.

4. Increased Security with Session History

You can now check if anyone is using your account without your permission. Simply open your BandLab app on your desktop, go to Settings, and select Security. Under Security, you will be able to view your Sessions. This includes a list of currently active sessions, along with information on devices, locations and IP addresses. You can terminate any of the active sessions from this page.

As an added measure, you will receive an email if there has been a new login to your account from a suspicious location. The email will give you information on devices, locations and IP addresses as well.

Let your fans discover your TikTok via your BandLab profile! Simply go to your Profile, hit Settings, and you’ll find the option to add your TikTok URL under Links.

And that’s it! We hope these changes help you enjoy a more seamless experience on BandLab. Go on and experiment with the new Fx, try out those new metronome features and add your TikTok link to your profile!

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