From the Team / 15 May 2023

Get more with BandLab Membership: Monetize your music with Airbit Platinum

We’ve got great news for creators looking to make earnings from their music. Sign up for BandLab Membership from now till 12th June 2023 and enjoy all the benefits of Airbit Platinum for 6 months at no cost (worth $119 USD)!

What is Airbit?

Airbit is a global platform for monetizing instrumental beats – we’ve recently joined forces to form the largest music producer community in the world! Airbit’s massive marketplace and customizable beat store help producers monetize their music and build sustainable communities and careers. Producers have earned over $50M on Airbit, with over 2M beats sold!

What can I get with the Airbit Platinum plan?

With an Airbit Platinum plan, you can start making money upfront from your beats and collecting revenue in a quick and easy way. Platinum lets you upload unlimited beats to Airbit, create customizable licenses, and get paid instantly as sales roll in!

What’s more, you’ll have access to the Infinity Store – your very own customizable shopfront for selling your beats and sound packs. Design it to match your branding and personal style (no coding required), embed it on your existing website, add a live chat option and more – available for both desktop and mobile.

Tap on this Airbit Platinum promo to earn some serious side cash.

On top of that, you can start to earn revenue from YouTube videos that use your beats. No effort on your part – just upload your beats, and Airbit’s content ID feature will collect your share of the YouTube ad revenue earned from videos using your beats. Say hello to some sweet additional income!

Snag this Airbit Platinum promo to earn revenue from YouTube videos that use your beats.

What is BandLab Membership?

BandLab Membership is our subscription service that empowers creators with an exclusive suite of artist services to propel their career to the next level – including unlimited Opportunities, Profile Boost, Fan Reach and Distribution. Read all about it here.

Multiply your perks with Membership and Airbit Platinum

Making industry connections, crafting your brand and growing a customer base are building blocks to a successful career in music. This is your chance to tap on BandLab Membership’s exclusive benefits, along with Airbit’s monetization perks as a free add-on to pave your way to success.

Ready to roll? Simply sign up for BandLab Membership, and you’ll receive an email with an Airbit promo code. Don’t miss out, offer ends 12th June 2023, 12:59PM EST.

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