Wow, August went by in a flash! With the launch of our newest feature Sampler, we challenged you to #DoYouEvenSample while getting spooky with #Fridaythe13. We also popped in some #CountryBlues for some chill vibes, and you sure did show us a good time. Here are your BandLab contest winners for August 2021. 

#DoYouEvenSample Winners

It’s freezing cold here with #DoYouEvenSample no. 1 Arizfa’s Ice Freeze! Here’s what our judges had to say:

So many cool Sampler kits in one track! Thanks for sharing where you got those samples from and how you managed to create new instruments that sound in tune – we’re truly impressed. Such a beautiful melody too. Fork it now and check out her awesome Sampler kits! 

Runners up: 

2nd: ilosopher
Peter 042018

#Fridaythe13 Winners

Your #Fridaythe13 winner Sarah Cleary‘s gave us major goosebumps with Lights Out! Here’s what our judges had to say:

Hauntingly beautiful! With those spooky lyrics and clear vocals, Sarah got our hearts pounding. Her sinister beat with dynamic shifts into screams and effects added to a delightfully eerie feeling that we’re lapping up.

Runners up: 

2nd: Rivo & Zanariah
3rd: NahDran
4th: TJmusic

#CountryBlues Winners

We’re rollin’ in good times with your #CountryBlues winner Ross Manariti! Here’s what our judges had to say:

Feelin’ them #CountryBlues! Expressive guitar playing, an arrangement that delivers inspiration and hope, and a tone that challenges the best of country and blues music. @ross_man, we salute you for creating such a beautiful track. It’s enthralling!

Runners up:

2nd: Tamara Wight
3rd: Fabian Bono
4th: Tom Benz, Tom Callahan & Brian Emerton

Congratulations to all the BandLab contest winners and runners-up for your incredible winning entries!

Don’t forget, there’s still time to enter this month’s BandLab contests! We can’t wait to hear what you come up with.

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