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August 2021 BandLab Contest winners

Contest Winners for August

Wow, August went by in a flash! With the launch of Sampler, our newest instrument, we challenged you to #DoYouEvenSample while getting all the spooks and goosebumps with #Fridaythe13. We then rolled along to the vibe of #CountryBlues. Here are your BandLab contest winners for August 2021. 

#DoYouEvenSample Winners

It’s freezing cold here with #DoYouEvenSample no. 1 Arizfa’s Ice Freeze! Here’s what our judges had to say:

So many cool Sampler Kits in one track! Thanks for sharing where you got those samples from and how you managed to create new instruments that sound in tune, it only amazed us even more. Such a beautiful melody too. Fork it now and check out her awesome Sampler Kits! 

Runners up: 

2nd: ilosopher
Peter 042018

#Fridaythe13 Winners

Your #Fridaythe13 winner Sarah Cleary‘s got us all spooked with Lights Out! Here’s what our judges had to say:

Beautifully Haunting! With her soothing voice, Sarah puts us at ease and keeps us ripe for goosebumps with her dynamic shifts into screams and added effects. Her beat is clever and sinister to give that eerie feeling of surprise. ‘Tis Spooky!

Runners up: 

2nd: Rivo & Zanariah
3rd: NahDran
4th: TJmusic

#CountryBlues Winners

We’re rollin’ on good times with your #CountryBlues winner Ross Manariti! Here’s what our judges had to say:

Feelin’ them #CountryBlues! Expressive guitar playing, an arrangement that delivers inspiration and hope, and with a tone that challenges the best of country and blues music. @ross_man, we salute you for creating such a beautiful track. It’s enthralling!

Runners up:

2nd: Tamara Wight
3rd: Fabian Bono
4th: Tom Benz, Tom Callahan & Brian Emerton

Congratulations to all the BandLab grand prize contest winners and all runners-up for August 2021 for their incredible winning entries!

Don’t forget, there’s still time to enter this month’s BandLab contests! We can’t wait to hear what you guys will come up with.

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