If you’ve used BandLab Chat before, you’d be familiar with its convenience as a platform for sending links, files, and messages to fellow musicians and creators. But did you know it’s now taken music sharing and collaboration to a whole new level?

No more juggling multiple apps just to share your music and ideas. Forget the time-consuming process of downloading and uploading files to use in Studio. Plus, inviting collaborators and engaging in real-time project discussions has become even simpler.

Stick around for five exciting Chat feature updates that’ll revolutionize the way you make music on BandLab.

5 BandLab Chat updates you can’t miss

1. Share files seamlessly with media attachments

Got a sneak peek of an upcoming music video, or a new album cover that’s too good to keep to yourself? Say hello to the new chat media attachments feature. No matter what device you’re on, this makes sharing content with fans, friends, or collaborators a breeze.

Just tap on the plus icon near the chat box to open your gallery, and pick and send the video, image, or audio file of your choice. Forget about switching apps to share your latest tracks and creations – keep it all conveniently within BandLab Chat.

Use BandLab Chat to share files seamlessly with media attachments.

2. Swiftly open audio files in Studio

Received an audio file on BandLab Chat that’s sparked inspiration for your next hit? Don’t stress about the tedious process of transferring it to Studio. This new feature is here to save the day! Move your file to Studio in a matter of seconds.

Simply open your chat conversation, find the audio file, long-tap on your mobile (or hit the three dots on Web), and select ‘Open in Studio’. It’s that easy, and you can get to transforming your inspiration into a full-fledged masterpiece without leaving the BandLab app.

This new BandLab Chat update lets you move your file to Studio in a matter of seconds.

3. Effortlessly drag and drop audio files

Don’t let great ideas get lost in endless chat threads. Instead, watch your brainstorming with fellow collaborators come alive. BandLab Chat’s new drag and drop feature lets you instantly integrate shared audio clips from Chat into your shared project on desktop.

Simply send an audio file to the in-Studio chat conversation, then effortlessly drag and drop it onto your track. This streamlined process keeps your creative flow uninterrupted!

This update allows you to integrate shared audio clips from Chat into your shared project on desktop.

4. Extend collaborative invites via Chat

Seeking to involve your favorite creator in your next project? Say goodbye to app-switching and fragmented messages. Collaborate more efficiently by inviting collaborators to a shared project with BandLab Chat.

Tap on the three dots on the top right of Chat, and click on ‘Invite to Project’. Select the project you wish to collaborate on, and send an invitation to the opened chat conversation. Users who click on the link will be added as project collaborators.

Use BandLab Chat's new feature update to extend collaborative invites via Chat.

5. Access attachments anytime, anywhere

Sometimes you need your creations on-the-go, whether it’s an image for your album cover or an audio file for your project. With the new Download feature in Chat, you can now save your files to your chosen device – even when you’re away from your workspace.

Just open the chat conversation that contains the attachment, long-tap on the file on mobile (or click on the three dots on Web), then tap on the download action. Your file will be downloaded to your device, ready for immediate use. It’s that simple!

Download files straight from Chat to your phone using this new updated feature.

Voila! Turn inspiration into reality, collaborate like a pro, and keep your creations within reach with these five fresh BandLab Chat feature updates.