Here’s yet another great new BandLab feature: Lyrics.

Sure, everyone loves a good tune, but it’s lyrics that people remember. They’re what people sing along with in the car. The words that help people think “they’re writing about my life”. The words that people want to download and learn by heart.

And just like the music, lyrics have to start somewhere. They can be scribbled on a napkin, handwritten in a special ‘lyrics’ journal, or even tapped into your phone. But wherever they start, one thing’s for sure: it’s rare that the first draft is also the last one.

Now you can keep track of your lyric ideas as they grow and develop. And you’ll always be able to find them—no matter whether you lose your notepad or hit ‘delete’ by mistake.

Available on all devices, Lyrics is a place to take notes when inspiration strikes. Just like your Ideas, Lyrics get synced to the cloud, so you can access them any time and anywhere.

Lyrics also keeps note of your changes. Got a different idea for a song that you want to try? Think you’ve finally found something that rhymes with “Film”? No problem—you’ll always be able to retrieve every version of your lyrics.

Because, just like your music, every time you work on your Lyrics, any addition or change you or someone else makes is a new Revision. So you can track every step you or your Band takes!

To add Lyrics to your song, enter the Mix Editor. Lyrics will appear in a tab on the right of your screen—expand it, and you’re ready to write!

Write a piece of inspiration today

Will Lyrics help you compose better songs, either alone or together? Let us know. We want to hear from you as we continue to make BandLab your favourite music making platform. Music Starts Here.