Introducing BandLab 9.0! Read on to find out more about our exciting new Mix Editor features!

Custom FX Presets

Ever wanted to customize a preset or create one that’s uniquely yours? Guess what, now you can!

A preset on BandLab is like a photo filter. You can layer it on to your track to customise the sound and feel.

Look for the new ‘adjust presets’ bubble in Fx on mobile (the white button on the top right of your Fx).

To adjust any of the effects inside a preset, just hit the FX button on any track, scroll to the preset of your choice and tap the “Adjust Preset” icon.

Clicking into the “Adjust Preset” function allows you to select the exact type of filter, and adjust the parameters

If you prefer to start with a clean slate, simply scroll to “None” instead and work from there. Select up to 8 of our 40+ effects, including reverbs, equalizers, compressors and more. The world’s your sonic oyster!

Choose from 40+ effects. You can layer up to 8 of them for a super tailored sound


When you work on a million-dollar beat that contains layers of audio and MIDI, you’ll want to stay focused and minimize any distractions.

That’s where Cycle comes in handy. Make use of the cycle area to repeatedly play a particular segment of your project.

To find out more about cycling your track in BandLab, go here.

Instruments Browser

We’ve updated the Instruments Browser, making it easier to find the exact sounds you want. To access the collections, look for MIDI instruments on BandLab mobile.

We’ve bundled MIDI instruments on mobile by mood and genre to help you find the sound that best suits your mood.

The all-new smart filters and curated collections will spark plenty of inspiration for your next big hit.

How to access the updates

These features are out now! To access them, update your app via your iOS or Android app store. Let us know what you think!