Can you believe it’s August already?

We’ve got some great new features that we’re looking forward to sharing with you this month. As usual, all the desktop browser features are available right now and mobile features will become available to you as they roll out to different territories around the world in the next few days with the latest update. Be sure to check the App or Play Store to make sure you’re on the newest version of BandLab!

Subscribe to User Posts

Ever since we released Communities and the ability to subscribe to post updates from Communities, this has been one of our most requested features and we’re very excited to launch it. For those of you who follow hundreds of artists on BandLab, you can now choose to subscribe to post updates from your favourite ones to make sure you don’t miss an important new track or shout! All you have to do is to navigate to their profile, tap the 3 dots in the top right-hand corner and click “Turn On Post Notifications”.

Once this feature has been turned on, you’ll receive a push notification on your device whenever there is a new post, similar to subscribing to post or story notifications on Instagram. To turn it off, just tap the 3 dots and click “Turn Off Post Notifications”.

Unlisted Revisions

Our Pinned Posts feature last month was incredibly popular, and this month we have a brand new option to help you curate and manage your feed better. With Unlisted revisions, you can now choose to not have a new post on your feed when you publish a new track. If your fans subscribe to your posts, they will also not receive a push notification. But, you can share a link or embed it and they’ll be able to listen to it, leave comments, fork the track or share it with others!

This is particularly useful for users who want to share a link to or embed a track publicly but don’t wish for it to come up on their personal activity feed.

This is currently a desktop browser-only feature and will be coming to mobile devices soon!

Brand New Playlist for Blues, Jazz, Rock & Metal

Since we launched the featured Hot Beats playlist a few months ago for Hip-Hop and Rap, we’ve had an enormous number of you requesting for similar backing tracks for other genres. For those of you who have selected Blues, Jazz, Rock or Metal as one of your favourite genres, with the new Android or iOS update you’ll notice some additional options on the Let’s Make Music page. These collections are updated daily and are great places to start when you’re looking to jump into making some music.

Jumping into a track is easy – tap the play button to preview the track, and if you like it, hit the Fork button to add it to your library and get straight into the Mix Editor. It’s really that simple.

Improved Sharing & Embedding of Tracks

We know how important it is to share the music you’ve made after you’ve released it on BandLab – we released the ability to share and embed collections and playlists last month. With our latest update to embedding tracks on the web, we’ve made it easier and fixed some prior issues with sharing your tracks on your blog or personal website.

Simply click share, embed and then copy the embed code for your track. You can choose from a square or rectangular format, different sizes of embedded player as well as whether you wish to have a blurred background or not on your song/album cover. Your followers or fans will no longer need to leave the page to listen to your track!

Android Performance Improvements

For those of you who use BandLab via an Android device, our latest update comes with a massive refactoring of the way we deliver data and transitions between screens and pages have had a significant speed boost. We hope you’ll love the speed update as much as we do.

We’ve got one of our biggest updates yet next month, so be sure to check back soon!

Happy producing.