From the Team / 24 October 2018

BandLab New Features October 2018: Better IG sharing, Comment Timestamps, All-new Effects, MIDI Instruments and Loops

We’re right in the middle of Fall and we’ve got some seriously cool features to share with you!

As usual, all desktop browser features are available right now and mobile features will become available to you as they roll out to different territories around the world in the next few days with the latest update. Check the App or Play Store to make sure you’ve got the newest version of BandLab!

Better social sharing

We know you want to share your music with the world via your social networks – and make a splash! To make it as easy and impactful as possible, we’ve redesigned the way you share your music to Instagram and YouTube.

Now, you can trim, crop and resize your revision so it can be shared to look its best on different social networks.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Hit share, then tap on the Instagram logo
  2. From here you can choose different formats to share your revision – square for an Instagram post, Story (9:16) for your Instagram Stories, and Wide for YouTube videos
  3. Next, tap on the scissor icon to select how long you want your song to play. 15 seconds is perfect for Instagram Stories, 60 seconds for an Instagram post, or select Full Track if you’re looking to post it to YouTube
  4. After selecting the time, you can choose which section of the song you’d like to cut to share
  5. If you like, you can copy the revision title or caption to your clipboard for easy pasting when sharing to your social networks
  6. Hit Share to Instagram or the download button to save it to your phone.

Comments with timestamps

Have a burning question about what instrument or sample was used for a part of the song you heard on BandLab? Love a verse halfway into a song and you need to tell everyone it is 🔥🔥🔥. You’ll want to use our new commenting feature: timestamps.

Timestamps let you comment on specific moments in a revision, so everyone knows which part of the song you’re talking about.

To leave a comment on a revisions timeline, simply play the song and pause it where you want to comment. Type in your comment, and hit send – your comment will slot in at that exact point in the song.

Brand new effects

Our in-house sound team are always busy churning out cool new sounds for you to use in the Mix Editor. More sounds = more room for creativity and expression.

This month, we’re adding eight new effect presets for vocals. From the trippy sounds of Psych Vox to the distorted, old school sounds of LoFi Vox, these presets will push the boundaries of your vocal performance.

Here are the new effect presets you can find on both mobile and web Mix Editors:

  • Dub Verb
  • Mod Modern
  • Pristine Plate
  • HiFi Scoop
  • Slow Pan
  • Psych Vox
  • Mega Pop
  • LoFi Vox

New Loops!

We’ve heard many epic tracks created on the Looper, so we’re expanding the sounds and genres for you to get creating instantly. Our sound team has created four new Loop packs, available on both the Looper and as individual loops in our web Mix Editor. Check them out:

  • Melodic Metal
  • Reggaeton
  • J-Pop
  • Bossa Nova

Four new MIDI instruments

Explore the sounds of our new MIDI instruments. We’ve introduced four new soundbanks which you can access on mobile or on web:

  • Banjo
  • Power Chords
  • Lately Bass
  • Neo Soul Pad

Of course, being the Halloween season, there’s no better time to put the Spooky Sounds pad to good use. (P.S. we’ve got a #spookyoctober contest going on right now. Don’t forget to enter this month’s contests – we’re giving away 500USD to the top winners.)

Like the new features? Drop us a review on the app store, to tell other creators what works for you! We’ll see you next month, and as always, happy producing and listening!

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