We’re 75% through the year and have one of our biggest updates yet!

As usual, all desktop browser features are available right now and mobile features will become available to you as they roll out to different territories around the world in the next few days with the latest update. Be sure to check the App or Play Store to make sure you’re on the newest version of BandLab!

Text Posts on BandLab

This is one of our all-time most-requested features and we’re delighted to finally push it out the door. You can now post status updates to your followers and embed links just as you might do within a Community. It’s a great way to keep your fans and fellow creators informed and up to date on what’s new in your creative universe. Posting updates is easy, you’ll see it straight away from your Feed on both Web and Mobile.

An added bonus is you can post directly to communities from your feed as well – just tap the “To:” section and select the community you would like to post to.

If any of your followers have subscribed to posts from you, they’ll get a push notification for text posts too. So make sure you encourage your fans to subscribe to your posts!

Playback Controls on Recommended Tracks

The Hot Beats, Top Jams, Hot Grooves and Fork a Track playlists have been blowing up and we’ve added a feature that makes it much easier to evaluate whether you want to jump on a beat or not. Tap on the track you want to preview, and you’ll be able to seek back and forth within it to make sure it’s the vibe you’re looking for.

Also, we’ve refactored the code on mobile and these recommended lists now load significantly faster than before. This is currently a mobile-only feature!

Private Revision Sharing

We’ve now made it possible to share and export private revisions on mobile. Tap the Share icon and you’ll see options to Share to Chat, Copy a Private Link or Download the audio mixdown of the revision directly to your device.

This feature is perfect for sharing something work-in-progress that you’re not ready for the public to listen to yet.

Instruments Library Improvements on Mobile

We’ve completely redesigned the user experience of the Instruments library to make it easier for you to quickly load up your favourite BandLab MIDI Instruments. Whether it’s the Scary Sounds Pad or the 808 Kit that you’re looking for, we’ve split the Instruments picker into a Library and a Discover page so you no longer have to scroll through our epic list of over 100+ built-in free instruments just to get to your favourite one.

Any BandLab Instrument that you’ve already downloaded to your device is immediately added to your Library, and if you’re looking for something new, you can scroll through the different categories in the Discover section to find just what you’re searching for.

iPad Optimization

Apart from other general improvements in performance, we’ve made some major UI improvements to the iPad experience. We hope you’ll enjoy the new look!

If you like the new features, please don’t forget to drop us a review and don’t forget to check out the #cashmeup and #hotraps contests that are live this month on BandLab!

See you next month, and happy music-making and listening!