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BandLab spotlight: @mevvllo

Ashleigh’s come-what-may approach with each of her tracks is a testament to just what BandLab encourages; creativity, spontaneity, and belief. The Creator of Darkness is one such coming-of-age epic, of the many that Ashleigh puts together with every spurt of inspiration and need for perspective.

Ashleigh Husnay, affectionately going as @mevvllo on BandLab, is quickly becoming a recognisable force for her knack to produce bold and courageous compositions. Ashleigh doesn’t play instruments as well as her tracks would suggest, but where she lacked familiarity, she made up for it with ingenuity. She artistically selects, manipulates, and then stitches together loop patterns and samples to re-create atmospheric and cinematic soundscapes that could give the likes of Hans Zimmer and Clint Mansell a run for their money.

Ashleigh has discovered profound maturity in her sound at the honest age of just 15. Starting as she meant to go on, we spoke to her about her inspiration that gets her going:

How do you go about composing your projects?

I create my music like I’m creating a puzzle – I find pieces I can connect to make the most interesting, and best, tracks I can make. I’ve listened to many classical tracks that have inspired me through the years, but I try to explore as many genres as I can to continue challenging myself as a creator.

Songs often tell stories directly through the lyrics. When you compose instrumental tracks devoid of vocals, how do you tell the story?

I try to show emotion and tell a story. I try to invoke what I feel or, especially with both of the tracks I called “The Creator of Light” and “The Creator of Darkness”, I tell the story of the emergence of first light, and then darkness.

“The Creator of Darkness” is our favourite track, and you’ve said it’s yours too. How do you look to better better your favourite track?

I think it flows the best and it breaks down in its own way. I am going to write song after song at the moment. I haven’t tried making an album yet. I feel like I have to learn in order to make music and create an album.

Have you collaborated with anyone on BandLab?

I’ve had a couple of my songs forked, and I collaborated with Douglas Hansen once [on “The Creator of Darkness]. It was unbelievable. I never thought I could inspire people with what I have created. It is so surreal. I am so happy because I am so young, and without any of the musical knowledge that so many other people have.

What is the biggest way you’ve seen yourself grow in music?

The overall production value of my music. From creating electronic to composing classical- it’s something that I never thought I would be composing at this point. I started creating dubstep, if you could believe, and I sort of changed my genre completely. I never thought I would be making the music I’m making now.

What is next for you?

I definitely want to expand my knowledge in music, and I want to learn more instruments, so I continue broadening my horizons.

Keep up with @mevvllo on BandLab to follow her creative journey, or get in contact for future collaborative opportunities!

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