Introducing… Deddy

I like to think of myself as a “full-stack” musician. Full-stack is a term taken from the web development world, used to describe a programmer who understands and develops the whole chain of software needed to provide a web application, from server to client. Similarly, as a full-stack musician I’m making music, doing whatever is needed to make it available to my audience—writing lyrics and melodies, beatmaking, sound design and synthesis, playing live instruments, singing, arranging, mixing, mastering, publishing and even shooting and editing music videos. Obviously, I’m not the first doing so, the technological evolution (or may I say revolution?) that BandLab is certainly a key player in, enabled many musicians like me to make professional grade music and make it available to the masses. I think that my strength is in my songwriting skills, and the fact that I can sing those songs myself so the path from an idea to a mastered song is much shorter for me.

Finding Inspiration

I tend to admire people who inspire me to “get down to earth” and start acting in the real world, creating music and transforming ideas and thoughts into physical media. Every now and then I find someone who pulls this trigger in my mind—I currently find a lot of inspiration in Andrew Huang’s videos. His approach to music, and even life, is very practical and encouraging. He also posts many educational and behind-the-scenes videos which are very helpful. Before Andrew I got inspired by Walk of the Earth, Zedd and Grey, which are all simply geniuses.

Creation Process

I always enjoyed the sense of creation. The feeling of inventing something, and then bringing it to life brings me so much joy that I always found myself on the creative side of things. In combination with hobbies and areas of interest like computers, technology, writing and singing, it is just natural that these would eventually turn into music and videos. By the way, another sub-product of this trait is entrepreneurship and programming, which are both areas I’m deeply involved in.

A Turning Point

I always liked to sing and I also had the privilege to be a cantor in my synagogue from a very early age, so I gained confidence in my voice over the years. But the first time I actually wrote and performed a song in a song competition at my school and the recognition I got from my friends was a real turning point in my life. It was at this point that I suddenly realised that I have this talent, and actively and consciously chose to get involved in music.

Using BandLab

I use BandLab to publish my music, sharing ideas with my followers and get in touch with other musicians. I also produce a lot of music loops which I call “Inspiration Loops” and share them on BandLab in order to help other musicians overcome creative blocks and to start up random collaborations. This platform is great to share and develop ideas together, and it has exposed me to many people I would never reach otherwise.

Web, iOS & Android

I use all of them 🙂 I’ve been a big fan of computers and gadgets from an early age and I like to explore a variety of them. I currently have an iPhone 7 but until recently I had Android phones for a long time. And of course, I use the BandLab web app.

How it Began

I’ve found about BandLab through Google a long time ago, while it was still a concept and in early development stages. I looked for a collaborative tool to help me and my band share and develop ideas between us and be more productive since we only got the chance to get together and pull an actual rehearsal off once a week or so. I explored many online tools but BandLab’s concept really got me thrilled. Completely online, no need to install and setup stuff (the other band mates wasn’t tech savvy as I am…) and version control (It’s like Github for musicians—the programmer inside me screamed) – the only problem was it wasn’t available for use back then… so I applied to the beta testers list (many times), and assigned a Google Alert on the term “BandLab”. By the time it was available my band has already got split up, but I signed up anyway and started using it for my solo career.

Limitless Power

I’d wish I could stop time, or alternatively to have super-speed abilities like the Flash. There are so many things I want to do and experience, but time always seems to slip away and leave me with so little in hand. Technology brought us so many shortcuts but on the other hand it also brings stress and pressure to always do more, to be more, but Mr. Time doesn’t seem to care.

Future Plans

I’m currently working on a music video for a song of mine, using everyday sound samples and loops. This is a previous video I made in this style.

I’m also about to release my first official music album, which marks a very meaningful milestone in my life. I’m making music for over 15 years now but it’s only recently that I’ve taken it more seriously and decided to go through with it. I can now also reveal the name of the album for the first time. It is called Relation Ships and each of its songs describes a different relationship in this world from a unique and interesting perspective.

Check out this song from the new album

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