Introducing Dellway

Dellway is an incredibly versatile artist. His music ranges from the aggressive (Enemies), the emotional (Do You Mind?), and he even riffs on popular culture (Cash Me Outside). His trademark halting flow and bass-heavy beats are reminiscent of “dirty south” trap luminaries such as Lil’ Yatchy, and Gucci Mane.

With over 1,300 followers under his belt, Dellway has braggadocio by the bucket-load. The New York-based rapper compares himself to hip-hop icon Kanye West, saying that they are both “great” and “misunderstood by many.”

Despite his overtly Gangsta persona, Dellway always places family first. He thanks both his parents profoundly for exposing him to music, and making him into the artist he is today.

We speak to Dellway about family life, how he finds BandLab, and the wide range of styles that influence his music.

I have met plenty of different artists from around the world, from different genres. BandLab helps me network with all of those artists around the world, and that’s great.

Finding BandLab

I found out about Bandlab in the  Google Play Store. I was looking for different music apps and trying them out, but it didn’t work out. Came across BandLab, tried it out, and I loved it.

It’s exactly like a home studio inside your phone or a laptop. There’s no competition with BandLab, and if you’re reading this blog, download it now, it’s free. Get it.

I use BandLab to record all of my music now. It helps artists who don’t have a studio, or don’t have the money to pay for studio time. It’s very convenient. The platform does everything for me. I have met plenty of different artists from around the world, from different genres. BandLab helps me network with all of those artists around the world, and that’s great.

My Favourite Artist

I admire Kanye West. The reason why I admire him is because we are similar. We both have a passion for music. We’re great. We’re artists, and we love what we do. We are also both misunderstood by many.

Thanking Mom and Dad

Shout out to my mom Candy for being one of the main reasons why I love music so much. She raised me up around it. I’ve been around all types of music in my life. And shout out to my dad Tony; he’s another main reason why I love music the way I do now. He used to always play hip-hop in the car, while on my way to school. They played a major role in it, so thank you, Mom and Dad.

My Defining Moment in Music

My most special moment was when I joined this label called SupaUnit, which is under Savage Life ENT. I was 18 years old. SupaUnit showed interest in me, and it helped me gain fans, more fans than I expected to have, who are still fans of me till this day. I love my fans. What’s music without your fans?

If I Were A Superhero?

Spiderman has always been my childhood favourite. The reason why I choose the web crawler is because he reminds me of my life.

If you look at the Spiderman comics or movies, you’ll know that he has been beaten, thrown around, and almost died at times. But he never quit. He had a lot of fight left in him, even at his weakest. At the end, he’s victorious. I’ve been bullied, beaten, thrown around, but still I stand. So, I would be Spiderman, because Spiderman is like a fictional version of me.

Check out Dellway on BandLab:

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