When you dive into Klassiq’s music, you’ll quickly find yourself immersed in rich swathes of sound. Each song has a distinct vibe and tone, and that’s no accident. Klassiq is an emotional writer, in that he aims to convey a distinct feeling with each song. Instead of telling the story through the traditional use of lyrics, he breaks down tradition by carefully curating an experience that bends, twists and moves your feelings at his will. He’s a sonic puppeteer, if you will, and calls the BandLab community home.

Why do you use vocals sparingly, rather than making them the focus of your songs?

“I’d rather hear songs without lyrics, because I feel that sound speaks for itself. I can tell a whole story just through beats. The funny thing is, I don’t know anything about music. Everything I make is straight from my phone. I was always taught it’s about the ear, not the gear. If it’s music to you, take it and turn it into what you can. Make something of it. Even if there doesn’t seem to be a melody to it, to me there is a melody, no matter what’s going on.”

So you aim to tell a story without words?

“With each track, I look for the emotion. Most artists won’t do that, but the only way I connect with music is through how it makes me feel. A lot of my tracks are dark, and I don’t want to say I’m a very dark individual – I have a dark side, but I’m a happy person. So, when I make my music, I want something that your head bangs to, but at the same time, it’s got that eerie feel, while other tracks are really happy. I’m always looking to play around with another person’s mind, you know.”

So what has been your biggest moment in music so far?

“When I hit over a thousand followers on BandLab. It shows that I’m doing something right, somewhere. It’s because of this app that I’ve run into amazing artists like ILL SMITH, RAREWAKE, Tobi Wats and Ariana Wellmaker.”

Have any of those artists created revisions of your work that blew you away?

“Yeah, Tobi Wats. He’s a very creative individual. I was blown away when I heard what he did to a beat I made called “PaperWeights & Toothpaste”. It was flat-out amazing. He definitely caught my eye, and I had to continue working with him. He’s part of one of the bands I created called Future Collective. I go through music by the artists on BandLab, and if I find them unique in their own way, I always send an invitation out. I’m really picky about who I want to join Future Collective, because right now, we’re able to start a movement.”

Where do you want your music to be heard?

“I’d give anything for my music to be played anywhere. Even if it’s somebody’s birthday party, someone chilling at home, or at the movies – I’d be honoured if I was played in the movies. As long as people are listening, I’m gonna keep putting out. I like making people happy, I enjoy people enjoying what I do, it’s dope.”

With that being said, we saw you have “DOPE” tattooed on the inside of your lip…

“I don’t know if that can explain anything, but that’s my favourite word. To me, dope is awesome. It could be amazing, mind-blowing. Something that bangs. Something that would get your head nodding, whether you realise it or not.”