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BandLab User Interview: Kyjun

Introducing Kyjun

BandLab user Kyjun is a musical polymath and tastemaker. This brilliant songwriter and multi-instrumentalist harbours a proficient knowledge of guitar scales, and he flexes his muscle on genres spanning from blues, classical, electronic, folk, funk, jazz, metal, R&B, reggae and rock.

However, don’t take our word for it. Check out songs like the Anime-inspired classical number “Rain”, funk-propelled ditty “Sasquatch Stomp”, or the speed-metal juggernaut “All Light Shall Fade”. With 2,580 followers to date, it’s clear to us that Nebraskan-based Kyjun is an active and popular member of BandLab. 

We had a chat with Kyjun about how he uses BandLab and his passion for metal music.

How I Use BandLab

I use BandLab to jot things down so I won’t forget them. Now, I use it a lot for keeping up with the music community and listening to all the new tunes everybody’s been putting out. My tunes have been doing really good on BandLab. I’ve done Facebook, Myspace, QVolume, ReverbNation, all those things, and it’s all multiple dead ends — nothing’s ever caught on like BandLab did. You guys definitely have something really good going on here

I love the feeling of creating something completely new. That’s the best feeling in the world. I love putting my music out there, and I love getting feedback. It’s good stuff.

Musical Family

I grew up around music. A lot of my family members are very musical. My uncle, he played drums like a madman. When I was little, I actually wanted drums at first. Unfortunately, my mum said it was too loud, and I couldn’t have them.

I love the feeling of creating something completely new. That’s the best feeling in the world. I love putting my music out there, and I love getting feedback. It’s good stuff.

Passion for Metal music

The band that got me into guitar was Trivium. That’s what really kicked it off for me. I loved the guitar work and everything that they did. I actually got so determined to learn their music that I learnt their first album, Ascendency, from front to back. That’s what got me into playing heavier guitar, and solos and stuff like that.

My First Show

My most special moment in music was when I had to play my first big show. There were around 500 people, and we opened up for one of the bigger bands in Denver. It was just an adrenaline rush, and  I never felt that way before. You go out there, and you just get this pure energy. Especially when they start digging everything, that’s when it really kicks in. It’s such a magical feeling.

Super Powers

If I could have superhero powers, I would be a problem solver. I just show up and magically solve problems. No reason about that, just go around solving problems.

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