Introducing Oneil

Hailing from Scotland, Oneil is one upcoming rapper to watch. The prolific BandLab user boasts 1,500 followers, and currently serves as the president of the rap collective A.B.R. Mob. Menacing and grizzled, this old-school-styled rapper regularly incorporates instruments from his native Scotland, and even sports a distinctive twang.

Oneil shares with us his experience in using BandLab, his first foray into music, and how he deals with diss tracks from rival groups.

As a Scotsman, I like this app because it gives me the opportunity to work with American artists. It’s easy to use, and it has some cool features as well.

Using BandLab

I use BandLab on the Macbook and on Android. I started off on the phone, but I decided to get studio equipment and so I spent quite a lot of money. BandLab is a really cool platform for meeting new people and collaborating with cool artists. As a Scotsman, I like this app because it gives me the opportunity to work with American artists. It’s easy to use, and it has some cool features as well. So, salute BandLab!

My Favourite Artist

I admire Eminem, he’s my favourite rapper. I grew up listening to all his tracks from day one. His lyricism is crazy, he also incorporates comedy in each track. I respect what he’s done in his career, and I think he’s one of the greatest in my opinion.

Death in the Family

I found BandLab just when I was getting through a death in the family, and producing tracks took my mind away from a bad place. Some people drink or take drugs to get through stuff like that, but I use music as a release. I’ve always wanted to be in music, but I only really took it seriously over the past six months or so.

Special Moment in Music

My most special moment in music was when my youngest daughter was a toddler, I played a rap track and she crawled across the floor and climbed up a TV unit to pull up herself up so she could dance to it. That was cool (laughs). She was bobbing up and down to it.

Respect, Commitment and Team-Spirit

Salute to my crew, A.B.R.. We’re a team all about making music. Each member has their own talent and individual styles and skills. We’ve all got studios, so we can put out good quality music. We’ve got a mixtape coming out soon, called Death Before Dishonour, so stay tuned to that. Also, members have been dropping their own projects, and we’ve got more under way, so check us all out.

There are people on BandLab who hold negativity towards A.B.R., even when I was part of a different squad, but you shouldn’t believe everything that you hear from others. Since I’ve joined this squad I’ve been shown nothing but respect, and every single member has tried to help me one way or another. We’ll just help each other to get better. A.B.R. is all about music, not about beef. We just want to make music, but if other people come at us, we’re going to retaliate.

Favorite Superhero

If I could be a superhero, I would be The Hulk. I’m a calm person, but when I’m pushed, I’ve got a really bad temper. And the fact that The Hulk is invincible helps too (laughs). Hulk rules.

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