Introducing Verona

In hip-hop, a successful mentor-protégé relationship is key to rising through the ranks in the industry. Think of seminal duos like Dr. Dre and Kendrick Lamar, Biggie and Lil’ Kim or Jay-Z and Kanye West.

That’s where BandLab leader Verona comes in. With nearly 7,000 and counting followers, the Texas-based Verona is a self-described “plug”, scout, promoter and producer. Think of her as a female version of DJ Khaled, or Steve Aoki. Her BandLab page is filled with catchy-as-hell trap beats, coupled with touted collaborations with other young BandLab rappers.

When Verona drops a vocal cameo, she does it with class. In new release “Mine”, she unleashes a Lil’ Kim-esque worthy verse alongside her prodigy, Sapphire. We talk to Verona about her bands, using BandLab, and meeting  Cash Money Records founder Lil’ Wayne.

Why BandLab’s Been Good To Me

I record in a studio, on a laptop, or my phone. I share, I network, I use it as a music outlet, and I’m the plug. I collect talented artists, and then I put them in bands. I export the music, letting the world hear the music, and I hope the right person does.

I was on another music community app for three years. I had accomplished a lot on that app. But although I liked the app, it kept crashing. I lost all my work there. So I went to the app store, and seeing this app, I fell in love as soon as I used it. The music, the artists, the staff, they’re amazing. There’s no comparison.

Our Bands Take Care Of One Another

I admire my bands. BadBitches is my first band on BandLab. We are a very powerful group of women determined to be heard. We refuse to be silent. We’re very gifted, beautiful ladies. My bands are very important to me. I am their scout, and I am looking for raw talent to present to the industry and to the world. Shout out to Uno’Mash, the artist that I am managing, I’m trying to get him signed. Check him out, and box me for more info for booking.

Loving Music

I do music because I breathe music. Music touches my life every day. I fell in love with music at an early age, and have been in love with it ever  since. I make music to enlighten, to empower, to educate, to encourage. Music is powerful. Not only just my music, I share other people’s music too. I love to share. Just to be part of something bigger than myself is amazing.

What Lil Wayne Thinks Of Me

My special moment in music will have to be when I lived in Columbus, Ohio, when I was in a group called Sex Appeal. We were very well known. We did shows, and we were in demand. I love being able to meet celebrities that come into the city. I met T.I., T-pain, and even talked to Lil Wayne on several occasions. His opinion of me: He thinks that I am a strong person. Let me emphasize: He  thinks that I’m a very strong person (laughs).

I can’t wait to hear what he thinks about me and my bands. We’re putting something together. That’s my next project. My goal is to start my own music label one day.

Super Powers
It would be able to talk to God, and to have the power of healing. I want to heal, especially children, because children are our future.

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