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Beat maker series: How to make a drop like Martin Garrix on BandLab

How to produce a Martin Garrix style drop on BandLab

Martin Garrix composed his first breakthrough hit in his attic bedroom studio. Aged just 17, his home production would go on to become on of EDM’s biggest hits ever. “Animals” was a dance floor banger that rocked the very foundations of EDM music, proving that the genre could easily reach pop status and interweave its sound into mainstream music.

The Dutch DJ/ producer’s story didn’t stop there. Release after release, hit after hit, Martin Garrix continued trailblazing his way to the top. He took to collaborating with many artists of different genres which just further widened the reach of his music.

Like many EDM producers, the drop is one of the all-important components of an EDM track. Martin Garrix is no different. In this video tutorial, we show you the techniques and tricks you can use on BandLab’s web Mix Editor to get that incredible Martin Garrix style drop in your music.

Fork the our rendition of the Martin Garrix drop to create your own EDM track below.

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