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Beats from scratch: How to create a Roddy Ricch-style beat on BandLab

Roddy Rich beat

Topping the U.S. Charts for the first half of 2020 with his viral hit, “The Box”, Roddy Ricch is a name you simply cannot miss. Even if you haven’t heard his music (really?!) you’ll surely have heard the beat that inspired the endless streams of memes and TikTok videos.

And it’s not just that viral beat that defines Roddy Ricch. The 21 year old rapper draws inspiration from a wide range of rap styles from different eras, taking aim at the stylings of Atlanta melodicism and Chicago and London drill. 

We show you how to create a Roddy Ricch-style beat from scratch – right here on the BandLab web Mix Editor. 

You can Fork the full BandLab project below to start your very own Roddy Rich-inspired track.

Follow the BandLab YouTube channel for more updates, tutorials, and more. We’ll be dropping more videos in the coming weeks – there’ll be more tutorials on how to create beats from some of your favorite artists!

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