When Bob Dylan first brought out his electric guitar on stage, it represented an important shift in American music’s history – folk rock was born. Ray Charles brought his gospel influences into Delta blues – we know it today as soul music.

Those genres are so ubiquitous today that no one remembers how radical they were back then. That’s why when a certain young Swede who went by his stage name, Avicii, introduced the EDM world to an exciting new mix of styles, it was game changing.

Avicii’s experimental approach with blending genres that DJs wouldn’t normally think of going anywhere near to took the EDM scene from the underground to the spotlights of mainstream music. Having blended genres like country, bluegrass, pop with the synths and drops of EDM, the late but great DJ had the recipe to becoming one of the most omnipotent electronic dance producers ever.

In today’s video tutorial, we show you how to create a beat that takes inspiration from the genre-melding artistry of Avicii – right here on BandLab’s free web Mix Editor.

Fork the beat we created in the video below to start your Avicii inspired track!

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