Daft Punk have got their unmistakable “robotic” voices, DJ Snake has got his signature vocal chops. What about Alan Walker? It’s all about that drop.

Famous for donning a face mask before everyone did and his chart-topping hit “Faded”, the English-Norwegian DJ has a knack for earth-shaking bass and deep drops. Go on YouTube and you’ll find multiple fan compilations of Alan Walker “DROP ONLY” videos, highlighting once again the very aspect that’s so loved by his fans.

Drops are oh so crucial in EDM tracks – they’re essential satisfying payoffs after a build-up of tension, and a metaphorical ecstasy for clubbers on the dance floor.

In this video tutorial, we show you the techniques and tricks you can employ on BandLab’s web Mix Editor to get that highly-desirable Alan Walker style drop in your music.

Fork the our rendition of the Alan Walker drop to create your own EDM track below.

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