Spotted the purple Boost⚡ button beside your BandLab feed posts, but no idea what it does and where to start? You’re in the right place. We asked the BandLab community to fire away with questions about Boosting posts, and we’ve rounded them all up here.

What type of posts should you Boost? Does it really work? Let’s dive in.

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What exactly is Boost?

Boost is an exciting new feature that gives you the power to turn any post on your feed into an ad that gets featured in prominent spots on BandLab user feeds.

How does Boost benefit me as a creator?

Whether it’s a post featuring your best track, or linking to the body of work that you’re most proud of – Boosting it is a quick way to get more eyes on your work, reach more people, gain new listeners, and potentially grow your fanbase.

What type of posts can I Boost?

You can Boost any post that has been published to your BandLab Feed. Pro tip: choose quality content that will help power up your brand – this increases your chances of multiplying views, listens, and followers. Published the perfect track some time ago that’s moved down on your feed? Go to your project page and repost that masterpiece – then hit Boost to get new eyes on it!

How can I Boost my post?

  1. Tap the purple Boost⚡ icon located on the bottom right of your post. 
  2. Choose your campaign budget and length by toggling the Budget and Duration sliders. You’ll be able to see the campaign’s estimated impressions on the Order Summary page before checkout.

When you’re happy with the details, hit checkout to activate your campaign.

How do I track insights from my campaign?

After setting up your campaign, tap the same “Boost” icon beside your post to see how your impressions and engagement have racked up. You’ll also be able to view custom insights such as:

  1. The likes and comments received on your Boosted post
  2. The total number of followers and plays gained from your campaign

How do I break down my campaign insights? 

The performance of your post is based on two factors: Engagement and Impressions. Impressions are counted each time your post is seen on BandLab, while engagements are counted each time someone interacts with your post by listening to it, liking, sharing or commenting.

Why is this valuable? The more impressions you get, the higher the visibility of your post – it means you’re building awareness about your music and you as an artist. In the same vein, increased engagement means that your content is striking a chord with your audience. 

Use these insights to track your growth and give you a new perspective on future content!

Does more impressions = more engagement?

While more impressions will greatly increase the likelihood of getting higher engagement, the quality of your content is still key. Many people are about to stumble upon your post, so make sure you post content that stops them from scrolling away. Better yet, have a great pool of content for them to engage with while you have their attention!

Do I have to be an experienced musician to Boost my posts?

Not at all. With Boost, we want to place the power in the hands of all creators, big and small. For example, you might have a lyrically brilliant track that needs just a little more polish. Or, you might have an exciting music project in the pipeline that you want a second opinion on. Boost is a good way to reach out to a larger audience, find the perfect collaborator, get valuable feedback, and more!

How do I get the best results from a Boosted post?

We recommend choosing high quality content to optimize your Boost and draw in more views, listeners, and potential fans. 

Think about posts on your own feed that catch your attention, be it a fire track with stunning album art, or a post that’s already garnering traction with likes and comments. By Boosting these already solid posts, you increase your chances of multiplying those impressions and growing your fanbase.

How do I grow my audience with Boosted posts?

Are your notifications popping off after you’ve Boosted your post? This initial interest in your brand and music is a great time to engage with a potential follower. Reach out and invite them to give you a follow, or drop a meaningful comment to leave an impression. If they vibe with you as an artist, they’ll be more likely to engage with your posts in the future (Boosted or not). This is your first step to building your own community of listeners and supporters.

My Boosted posts don’t seem to be working. What can I do?

While Boosted posts are a great way to drive your impressions up, having quality content is the best way to maximize the benefits of Boost. 

Don’t be discouraged if your numbers don’t seem to be skyrocketing – everyone grows at a different pace. Take a step back and use your campaign insights to give you a new perspective on future content. Be consistent with creating new content, engage with the community, craft your personal brand and glean insights from successful creators on BandLab. When the timing is right, we guarantee that Boosting your post will give you better results!

Can I Boost my posts on both mobile and web? 

Yes, you can Boost posts on your BandLab feed on both your phone and desktop right away. Ready to get more views, listeners and followers? 👀