When I’m writing, it’s something that I’ve experienced or something that I can’t wait to experience.

We hear from one of our featured users Victoria Ibek on the inspiration behind her chilled-out music, her top tips to get vocally warmed up, and why BandLab helps her lay down tracks effortlessly!

How did you get into making music?

I started making music when I was eight –  realising I could imitate the way other artists and musicians sang on the radio. From there I began writing my own songs (as well as an eight year old could write them!), then searching for apps and tools to create my own music. 

I found BandLab ‘cus a friend loved the app and wanted us to make music together. We didn’t want to spend a lot of money but we wanted high quality stuff.

In my search, BandLab was the best option for mixing and mastering music, and you guys have a huge variety of instruments and sounds to choose from.

Your influences seem pretty wide-ranging, including electro, afrobeats and acoustic guitar. Where do you get your ideas from?

The daily activities of my life! Usually when I’m writing, it’s something that I’ve experienced or something that I can’t wait to experience.

Depending on the mood I’m in or where my head’s at, this can lead to a somber acoustic song or an upbeat electro pop song.  I tend to feel through my music and I go in with an open mind – usually don’t know what I’m going to write about until the song is done and recorded. Loops are a helpful way to get inspired.

Your vocals are great. Do you have any tips for other vocalists on BandLab or things to do to get in the mood for creativity?

I like to begin my recording sessions by drinking water and then singing an easy song by a well-known artist. Then, I throw in adlibs and layers to the song, improvising a bit.

Another thing I like to do is to start recording as soon as I wake up. The sweet spot’s actually when I’m still a bit groggy, yet energized from my sleep. This way my mind’s full of creativity from the night’s dreams!

Quickfire round! Favourite BandLab Loop or Instrument? 
Anything with pop in the name! Usually I write with the piano instrument and record with pop loopers. Like Folk Pop or Bollywood Mini.

Recording on-the-go or at home? 

Vic in action!

Home! I like the ease of being by myself. The freedom of creating on your own and getting to be as picky as you want with the mastering is key to me.

Making music can also take a long time. If you’re running on studio time that could be expensive. I prefer to just play around until I feel creative.

Your 3 recording essentials?

  1. Laptop or phone (must be fully charged!)
  2. An earpiece
  3. My song book.

Fave BandLab track at the moment (yours, or someone else’s)?

Hustle Gang by snook noonieee B and 845fresh. I usually stick to pop music but the rhythm and the flow on that track is beyond. By far my favorite track on here.

What’s next for Victoria Ibek?

Finishing some of my upcoming visual projects, so please stay tuned for those. And hopefully continuing to positively influence others!

Any general advice for other musicians in the community?

Connect to a song. If you sing from the heart,  the people listening will be able to feel it.

Be vulnerable! It’s scary to have strangers listen to your inner thoughts, but you’ll find out that there are a lot of people out, just like you, wondering if anybody can understand them. Your song might just be the proof they needed.

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