TL;DR: We’ve brought improvements to the BandLab iOS app—like slicing, copy and pasting tracks, the new addition of Demo projects to help you as inspiration when you tap create. On web, you can now rearrange songs in your Collection, embed Shouts, and we’ve added brand new loop packs to our web Mix Editor.

Slice, Copy, Paste.

This month’s iOS update brings more functionality to the new Mix Editor like the ability to cut your tracks and copy and paste regions. Stay tuned—we’re working towards even more functionality so you can create more on the move.

Demo Projects on iOS

When you start a new project on iOS, you’ll see that we’ve added demo projects. You can use them as inspiration and to build on for new projects. Tap the play icon to preview a demo, then tap on the selected demo track to open the stems in the Mix Editor.

Loop Packs

As we constantly create new loops and soundbanks, we’ve curated a selection of loops that’ll help you find the best loops and samples of your favourite genres. There are 19 different Loop Packs consisting of over 600 individual loops—from modern Hip Hop, Drum & Bass to Deep House—and there will be many more! Click Loop Packs to check out the packs and click play to get a preview. We’ve also added many more MIDI and Audio loops, with more genres instruments to our web Mix Editor. Go check them out!

Collections Update

We introduced a new feature last month called Collections, which lets you curate your own playlists directly on the BandLab. This update lets you rearrange the songs in your Collection to suit any order you like. Hear a song you like? Add it to your Collection!

Embeddable Shouts Player

You can now embed Shouts into your website or blog! Reach more fans and add colour to the other spaces online where you talk about your music. Treat your fans to the moments that inspire you, whether as a photo or video. Stay tuned for next year’s update. From all of us at BandLab, we wish you a very Happy New Year!