From the Team / 7 October 2021

Fall 2021: BandLab Album Picks

We’re always on the lookout for a great new BandLab album to groove to, and it might just inspire us to make even greater music! In this new segment, the BandLab Team highlights four BandLab albums made by the BandLab Community that have caught our eye.

Future Sounds of Dystopia

Genre: Electronic
Artist: V I X I M

Our first BandLab album, Future Sounds of Dystopia, has a wide array of cool electronic sounds and instruments with great pumping kicks that emphasize those trance qualities. There’s a nice running narrative throughout the album with track descriptions that talk about the vision of each song while making the listener consider different views and perspectives. Dystopian darkness looms as we progress through the album and fall deeper and deeper into the world of tech and machines. Listen to it here:

Prime Hours EP

Genre: Hip Hop/R&B
Artist: Ghost Wavvvy

The instrumentals in Prime Hours really sets the mood, following the narrative of the lyrics perfectly. There is a good mix between clean and creatively tuned vocals, which were just really well mixed. We’re loving the dark vibe throughout the album, with a consistent tone that flows throughout the EP. This BandLab album’s got pretty solid album art too! Listen to it here:

The Start Of Big Things

Genre: R&B
Artist: KariOnDaBeat

Kari’s owning it with swagger and complete confidence. She’s pulling up incredible tracks that rival what’s up on the charts with modern R&B with this six-track gem. This BandLab album features great melodies, dynamic twists, and a voice that hits the soul to wake you up from a slumber to get your feet to dance, Kari wants to make you feel good. Simply breathtaking work.

Surflix: No Signal

Genre: R&B
Artist: BᄂVᄃK FЯIDΛY

Soaked in R&B and pop elements, this BandLab album is an homage to those nights of spending time with your partner streaming movies and embracing the aspect of love, lust, and the beauty of human relationships. It also features eclectic artists who pull off immense dynamics, stellar vocals, and state-of-the-art production. A must-listen for you and your crush.

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And there you have it! We had so much fun listening to these BandLab albums, marveling at the creativity and heart you guys put into your music. If you’re trying to get your music out there, come enter one of our October contests!

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