As the summer sun fades away, it’s time to wrap up warm, put on your headphones and bask in the fresh sounds of some of the most inspiring creators we’ve discovered of late. Spanning slick jazz, melodic alternative rock and heavy hip-hop, there’s something for everyone. Ready?

Stix & Stones

Genre: Hip hop

Blending diverse sonics with an impressive lyrical flow, SPIIROW’s first album is a refreshingly raw exploration of aspiration in the face of hardship. It’s delivered with real personality and flavor – particularly when some adroit vocal manipulation comes into play (ZONE and Don’t Fall are key examples). Just as considered is SPIIROW’s wider mix choices, from the low-end thump of Get Paid to the ethereal synth leads which weave their way through Having Dreams

Listen to it here:


Genre: Jazz
Artist: izumi beatz

This sumptuous array of lo-fi, chilled jazz cuts is a fine accompaniment to autumnal introspection. Hypnotic beats and expressive sax are at the forefront of numerous pools of calm (After the Rain, Fall of Words) as well as the the more buoyant, smile-inducing optimism of opener Stellar Moments and the peppy Moment’s Notice. Utter bliss. 

Listen to it here:

GirlsRevil Volume 1

Genre: Rock
Artist: GirlsRevil

It takes a certain kind of unspeakable chemistry to make a musical partnership work, a special alchemy that duo GirlsRevil’s Scott Shenk and Derek Ho display at every turn across this stunning collection. With alt-rock attitude, the pair trade both spritely and savage guitar work, displaying their undeniable penchant for song-craft. It is evidenced, too in their chordal choices, stellar vocal production and broad range of approaches. At their best (Words, Locked Inside), GirlsRevil funnel an Incubus-adjacent emo rock formula into a denser soup of noise, replete with bubbling electronica and rich production. Counter-melodies and acoustic textures further augment a solid first collection. 

Listen to it here:

Fell in love with our fall favourites? Let us know which resonated with you the most. Keep aiming for greatness, and you might feature on our next round-up!

About the author: Andy Price is the former editor of MusicTech magazine and website. He has subsequently written on music making and listening for NME, MusicRadar, Uncut, and Computer Music amongst others.