From the Team / 27 February 2023

February 2023 Opportunities Picks

February 2023 Opportunities Picks

That goal you’re aiming for? Don’t be too quick to dismiss it as a pipe dream. We’ve rounded up this month’s top Opportunities for your picking, so you’re one step closer to making your dreams a reality! Ready?

Score a free song entry to Unsigned Only 2023

Got what it takes to impress? Your ultimate showstopper track deserves a chance in the Unsigned Only competition. Score a free song submission to enter 2023’s edition, where you’ll have a level-playing field to display your talent. On top of that hefty $20,000 cash prize, five of seven winners have gone on to sign record label deals – so don’t miss out on this HUGE chance. 

Be chosen to sign as an official MONO Artist

If you aren’t afraid of challenging the status quo, MONO wants to stand behind your cause. They’re looking to rep talented emerging artists with a feature across their channels, $500 worth of gear, and more! Don’t sleep on this chance to join MONO’s esteemed roster of artists, and break the mold with a visionary music brand. 

Land a mega feature on NME

Your unique sound deserves an unparalleled stage to shine –  a platform like NME. The London-based media powerhouse spotlights the world’s most compelling music scenes – and they’re looking for one standout artist to showcase on their homepage. Plus, receive a custom photoshoot, playlist placement, social support, and more. We did say MEGA. Send in your music now!

Embrace every Opportunity that piques your curiosity. Go where your (he)art brings you and take your dreams from conception to completion!

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