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Five collections on BandLab you’ve got to listen to

Need some tunes for your daily commute, or your next gym session? Or are you looking for some inspiration from some of the best artists on BandLab? Well look no further! We’ve got some of the best collections on BandLab playing on repeat and we’d love to share them with you.

What are Collections?

Collections are used by BandLab artists to bundle music together. As well as being a great way to share music as a playlist, Collections can help you to think about your creative process differently. Maybe you’re looking to tell a story over a few tracks or an album’s worth. Maybe you are looking to get signed and you want to share versatility to a record label. Or maybe you want your friends to hear your music in the right environment, so you want to create a playlist for the car, or songs for the shower.

Whatever you use collections for, it’s really easy to do and now, with our new embeddable feature, you can now share your Collection with the world across social, in blogs or even on your own website. But before we show you just how to create, share and embed your own Collection, here’s what we’re listening to right now…

S-Wordplay by Tre’ Ali

Taking influence from Southern and New York style rap, Tre’ Ali’s short but concise EP hits all the right notes – from the jazzy guitar runs and thumping bass to the laid back beats and lyrics that flow.

Syntropia | Lost and Found and Lost by Syntropia

Syntropia puts together a mix of ethereal texture, percussive elements and spoken word for their collection. A calming, sometimes soothing, occasionally haunting playlist of songs which fuse ethnic traditional sounding instruments with contemporary soundscapes.

Silence by Astra

From sweltering guitar solos, to classy jazz and groovy reggae, Astra has shown versatility and an understanding of multiple genres by putting together a varied mix of tunes in this eclectic collection.

R O A D T R I P by Klassiq

Music made exclusively on his iPhone, Klassiq aims to convey his emotions through the vibes in his songs. Curated to stare out of the window to, the aptly named R O A D T R I P is sure to take you to a better place.

Trip to Japan by 4A.M.

Inspired by 4A.M.’s trip to Japan, this album is a collaboration with a local friend, Daikio Kashio. The oriental influences are clear – each track is titled after the elements and it’s easy to hear why the land of the rising sun is so special to so many people.

How do I create a Collection?

You can easily create a Collection whether you’re on your mobile device or on your laptop. You can create a collection of your own music, or from your favourite artists on BandLab. Just hit the music folder in the bottom right corner, then the plus button and select new collection…

Share and Embed your Collections

Good music is made to be shared. You can easily share Collections on BandLab chat, or on social media. If you’ve got your own website or blog, you can embed the Collection into your page simply by copying and pasting the generated embed link…

Got an awesome Collection you want the world to hear? We’re always looking to find and promote the best talent on the platform, so be sure to hit us up!

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