Sometimes the hardest part of making music is getting started. And for these times we’ve created so many tools to make that process easier, such as the looper and forking. 

Today, we’re excited to show you our latest iteration of our designed-to-inspire forkable tracks on the Mix Editor.

Projects filled with audio and MIDI stems at your fingertips to get you started

We have curated collections of tracks in a variety of genres for you to fork and start making music instantly. The newest change? Now, we’re uploading forkable tracks with audio and MIDI stems to these curated collections. What this means is that you get complete freedom over how you want to tweak the track. Want to change the sound of the drum kit? No problemo! Want to chop up the vocal lines? Cut away!

It’s a really simple process on mobile:

  1. Start a track by tapping + at the bottom of the screen
  2. Pick a curated list under “Need Inspiration?”
  3. Select a track. You can tap on a track to preview it
  4. Tap the Fork button when you have found a track you like
  5. Select “Mix Editor” if you want to work on the song further.

On the web, all you have to do is head to our BandLab profile to check out the tracks to fork.

Now, tap fork and start making some music! We love to hear what you have to create.