Getting your profile up and running isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution, especially with the wide range of different social platforms. They all have specific rules and objectives, but if you’re just starting out, your immediate goal is personal branding as well as cultivating a strong fan base.

Starting from scratch is not as intimidating as it sounds, and with our list of quick-wins you can get the buzz you deserve.

Find inspiration

Start by checking out the profiles of the artists you love. Check out their cover photos and user bios – the more you understand how the pros do it, the better yours can be. Drop all your favourite profile photos into one document to easily spot common themes and give you a good starting point.

Tell a story with your profile photo

A profile photo with your instrument is a great way to let people know what you play. Playing at events an event with a professional photographer? Make sure you get your hands on those free shots! If you get a word in with them to the sort of pictures you’re looking for, they’d be happy to get you what you need. Understand each platform’s dimensions, and get editing tools to make sure each image has real impact.

Use those free online tools

Google Photos is good for basic edits, but there are heaps of free online resources to help you to make your profile more exciting. If Photoshop, is your bag, then try Sumo Paint, a flash-based image editor. If you need a solution with social media ready dimensions and templates, Canva will sort you out with everything from profile and cover photo dimensions, right through to social media posts and event posters. Using a strong design from the outset and keeping consistent really will benefit you and your personal brand in the long haul.

Get your bio sorted

Be honest, be wild, be free, and tell people exactly what there’s to know about you. Use your bio to look for collaborative efforts too – looking for someone for a vocalist, or an awesome guitar solo for your latest production? Or are you just looking for good conversation with like minded peers with a view to collaborating? Point your fans and followers to your bio, and include a contact point if you’d like to be approached for an opportunity.

Why not get started straight away? Your profile is your window to the world. Give people something great to look at here.