Growing your fanbase on BandLab is one of the best ways to get your music out there, make connections with like-minded creators, and capture new opportunities – but it’s easier said than done.

If you’re just starting out, don’t be daunted. Many of your fellow creators have managed to amass huge fanbases, and there’s lots to be learned from each of their unique journeys.

In this post, we take a look at some of the biggest creators here on BandLab and bring you five insights on how to follow in their footsteps and skyrocket your following.

TLDR? Be active. Give your audience value. Post varied content. Engage with your audience. Boost your quality posts.

Insight 1: Be as active as @ilenemusic

Taking a peek at Ilene‘s profile, one thing that stands out is how active she is at releasing new music, keeping her followers updated on her life, and just posting engaging content in general. Posting multiple times a week means more eyes on your profile, more eyes on your music, and ultimately a larger, more engaged fanbase over time. With consistency, she’s managed to grow her account to over 113K followers.

ilene growing a fanbase on bandlab

Ilene provides a great example of the importance of balancing quality and quantity for your audience. While it’s important to keep your posting cadence consistent and regular, that shouldn’t mean the value of your content takes a backseat. This brings us to our next tip… 

Insight 2: Give your audience value like @madebymj

Show your audience you care about what they want, and they’re likely to return the favor by being a loyal fan. MJ has racked up an impressive 128K followers as of April 2023. His secret? Value. A quick scroll of his feed will show you that he’s not just sharing updates and tracks. He’s also creating beat kits for creators to use in their own pieces – and making money while doing it. 

Do like MJ and use BandLab’s suite of features to create custom presets, sampler kits, and forkable tracks to share with your followers. You get to flex your creativity while adding value for your fans – win-win!

Insight 3: Be like @brittneyspencer – post more than just your tracks

Brittney Spencer is another power user on BandLab who has a burgeoning fanbase of 116K followers. One thing that sets her apart? The sheer diversity of content that colors her feed. Brittney posts more than just her music – she has a regular live stream, curated playlists, lyric ideas, photo updates and more, offering a peek into her life that’s both personable and authentic. While you don’t have to mimic her approach, it’s always a good idea to have a diverse feed to get more curious eyes on your content. 

Insight 4: Do as @daltenious does – engage with your audience

Daltenious is a musician with 162K followers on BandLab. With such a large following, there’s something that makes him all the more special: the way he takes time to interact with his followers. He’s attentive to his audience, giving them updates, and responding to them in the comments section. He’s also spotlighted creators like Brittney Spencer and Pauly Piff, drawing on his own following to support fellow artists – now that’s the spirit.

Insight 5: Boost your posts to supercharge views, listens and more

With these insights, you’ll be well prepared to spark your following in an organic way. Keep posting high-quality content, and add to that by Boosting your posts – a new BandLab feature that turns your posts into ads that are bumped to prominent spots on the feed. Get all the info you need in our Boost FAQ and start powering up your content now! Your fans are waiting.