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How to make a synth pop beat on BandLab – Beat Maker Series

How to make a synth pop beat on BandLab web Mix Editor

Watch our video tutorial on how you can make a synth pop beat right here on BandLab’s free web Mix Editor.

Synthesizers dominated the sound of the late 70s and 80s. They were everywhere in progressive rock, electronic rock and disco. It was a time of great musical experimentation. Embracing all things technology was the in thing, and as synthesizers became more accessible to the masses, it took an increasing role in popular music.

These early pioneers were greatly experimental in nature. Prominent electronic bands like Kraftwerk, Pink Floyd, Emerson, Lake & Palmer brought their sounds to the radiowaves, starting a movement that will eventually evolve to synth Pop. If these bands’ music were high-brow and challenging to some, then synth pop was its younger, cooler and more laid back cousin.

Synth pop, as its name implies, also heavily features the synthesizer. Bands like Duran Duran, Tears for Fears, Depeche Mode and more gained even greater commercial success than their more complicated forebearers. The genre turned out to become highly influential even till today, with artists from the Killers to Lady Gaga championing the iconic sound in their music.

In this video tutorial, we’ll show you how you can make your own synth pop beat right here on BandLab. Our web-based DAW, the Mix Editor, is completely free and has all the tools you need to start making great music. All you need is your browser!

You can fork the synth pop beat we created in the video tutorial below. Use the track to start your very own synth pop hit!

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