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Beats from scratch: How to produce a beat like Lil Skies on BandLab

Lil Skies beat

The term upcoming rapper gets thrown around a lot these days. From going viral on social media to scoring a big collaboration, there are many different ways to make it to the top. How did Pennsylvania rapper Lil Skies do it? He kept his music simple, and brought a fresh, unique sound to the game.

On his mixtape “Life of a Dark Rose”, you’ll hear his trademark melodious flows over woozy trap beats. They are chill and ambient, almost too pleasant for a rapper with face tattoos and dreads!

In this video tutorial we show you how to create a beat inspired by Lil Skies, right here on BandLab’s free web Mix Editor.

Fork the beat we made in the video to start your own Lil Skies-inspired beat.

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